5 Key Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare

As we age the skin starts to get looser, it loses its luster and appears dull. And of course we’re always at battle with fine lines and wrinkles. Enter: Hyaluronic Acid. This product especially in the last five years has definitely had an impact on how we address issues of aging. When it comes to the numerous benefits of hyaluronic acid—there are almost too many to name.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare

Phoenix based LeClair Skincare prides itself on using only natural ingredients sourced the right way. Of the products we carry, we do offer those that contain an ample amount of hyaluronic acid, as we are well versed in its benefits. Below are five key benefits of hyaluronic acid, we thought you should know about…

Understanding More About Hyaluronic Acid

Basically, hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the body. Its function is to help cells and tissue retain water and thus keep your complexion moist and firm. The bulk of hyaluronic acid is found in the skin. But, as we age, and expose that skin to the elements and of course time itself, the amount we have decreases. Thus, using creams and moisturizers that contain this vital ingredient can help achieve plumper and less dry skin.

What are some of the benefits of hyaluronic acid:

  • As it binds to water, it retains your skin’s moisture. This in turn, lessens the appearance of wrinkles, as well as instances of redness or irritation.
  • It can actually help with scarring and wound healing. It has been discovered that hyaluronic acid because it does have antibacterial properties can work wonders as far as shrinking the appearance of scars and wounds.
  • Fortifies the skin’s barrier. The skin of course is composed of layers. The lipid barrier of the very outer layer, is designed to protect skin from things such an UV rays and toxins. This though can break down with age. Hyaluronic acid in fact reinforces this barrier.
  • Tightens the look of skin. Because hyaluronic acid does so much as far as binding to water molecules and thus giving your complexion that plumper look, it works to make your skin both look and feel tighter.
  • Cell regeneration. Because the hyaluronic acid is forming a natural barrier while maintaining moisture, it allows the skin cells more time and room to regenerate and get stronger.

Phoenix’s LeClair Organics

We understand the power and benefits of hyaluronic acid—this is why we’ve created products that use clinically tested hyaluronic acid to help in the fight against aging.

Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare

For instance, our Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a much-needed addition to any skincare regiment. As it is all natural there are no harsh chemical, no pore clogging oils, just a fresher and more youthful feeling complexion once you’re done.

Additionally, the Ester C Brightening Serum combines the effects of both Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. The result: radiant skin that is brighter and more youthful looking—you really do get the best of all worlds with this one.