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When you are dealing with acne, the quality of the products you choose to put on your face is absolutely a priority. The sensitive nature of skin suffering from acne reacts best to cleansers and moisturizers that promote natural healingLeClair’s Acne Advanced Therapeutic Moisturizer is designed specifically for the challenges of acne prone skin for people of all ages. Our moisturizer gently hydrates oily and combination skin to promote a youthful, revitalized complexion without clogging pores. And as it is formulated as a lightweight moisturizer, it combines a unique blend of collagen & Ceramides to promote healthy dermal cell regeneration as it also reduces the look of scarring and fine lines. 

Best Cleanser and Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin 

Acne – Advanced Therapeutic Moisturizer – LeClair Skin Phoenix

Before moisturizing, we recommend using LeClair’s Balancing Cleanser for oily or acne prone skin. This cleanser will assist in clearing pores clogged as a result of acne bacteria without stripping or drying the skin.  

One of the primary goals as far as stopping the spread of acne is to help normalize overactive sebaceous (oil) glands. And this is why our anti acne Advanced Therapeutic Moisturizer contains citric acid. Because the acid gently exfoliates and removes excess oil, and thus diminishes the appearance of light acne scarring. 

This particular product contains specialized ingredients to include Pentavitin®. An ingredient which hydrates, conditions, and ultimately soothes and smooths skin damaged by acne cysts as well as excessively clogged pores. 

Help In Dealing With Acne At Any Age 

Acne can be a problem at any age—not just during those teen years. The chin and jaw areas are the most common places to experience acne, especially when it comes to cystic acne in adults. For teenagers, hormonal shifts do stimulate oil production and this can lead to the growth of bacteria which then gets trapped in your pores. LeClair’s Organic Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Peel will assist in normalizing sebaceous (oil) glands while it leaves skin feeling so soft.

You will want to follow up an enzyme peel with a moisturizer to soothe and rehydrate the skin. And as it is made especially for normal to oily skin, regular use of our acne Advanced Therapeutic Moisturizer will result in long lasting and steady improvement in the health and appearance of your face and neck.  

Acne – Advanced Therapeutic Moisturizer – LeClair Skin Phoenix

A Skincare True or False… 

Popping cystic acne pimples helps the skin heal faster. 

False! Actually, opening acne cysts spreads the infection to your surrounding skin, leading to even more breakouts. And you’re also likely to develop deeper scars by irritating skin that is already inflamed. So it is important to allow the natural healing powers of your immune system to clear up your cystic acne–while being helped by some gentle organic products.

What Makes LeClair Skincare So Different?

    – Used at all our spa locations, our products redefine luxurious

    – Gentle and effective formulas based on 30 years of skincare experience

    – 100% safe for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin

    – We only use USDA certified organic ingredients

    – All products are free of chemicals, toxins and parabens

    – We never engage in any sort of animal testing

    – Comes in unique and eco-friendly bamboo packaging

    – Available in a ‘Facials to Go’ package; perfect for home care as well as travel

Choosing the Right Skincare Product

Getting softer and more supple skin is not out of reach, nor does it have to be incredibly costly. Because LeClair Skincare uses only the best ingredients found in nature, we create the kinds of products that can help acne sufferers while doing so gently. Get your confidence back and get that glow back!  Our products really do take healthy skincare to the next level.

If you want to experience firsthand how smooth and supple your skin will be, book your facial at Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa. And we give you our promise that you will absolutely love the results!

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