Acne Facial: What products to request

If you suffer from the symptoms of acne, whether outbreaks or residual scarring, then an acne facial may be just what you need. Different from a standard facial that you’d find in a five-star Phoenix spa such as Inspire Day Spa for instance, an acne facial is designed to target the bacteria and oils that cause outbreaks. The esthetician will most likely meet with you, go over not only relevant skin type history but also medical history and then discuss the options for an acne facial.

The key to an effective acne facial is to understand what products are being used and what effect they will have as far as combatting the signs of acne. For instance, Organic LeClair Skin Care products are used in a number of award winning Phoenix, AZ spas because their ingredients and extracts are among the most powerful and still gentlest for your skin. What products should your acne facial involve…keep reading to find out more.

organic leclair skincare phoenix

Important Concerns for Your Acne Facial

 A couple of things to keep in mind when going for a facial, specifically one geared toward addressing issues of acne. Cleansing is absolutely key. After all, it is in part bacteria and oil build up in pores that contributes to acne. Many spas for instance utilize LeClair’s Eucalyptus Cleanser. Eucalyptus has a distinctive medicinal property that really does penetrate the skin and break up that acne causing bacteria. Plus, it contains Vitamins A and C which allow the eucalyptus to effectively penetrate the skin’s layers.

The use of a mask too is a critical step in an acne facial. A Red Lava Mineral Mask for instance helps to further absorb excess oils. Not to mention, it contains salicylic acid which is ideal for combatting blackheads and pore clogging debris.

organic leclair skincare phoenix

Ending the facial, the esthetician will probably opt for a moisturizer and serum. With LeClair’s Eucalyptus Tea Tree Moisturizer, you once again get the antiseptic and antibacterial properties associated with eucalyptus and also tea tree oil, which is actually used to spot treat acne and wipe away the bacteria. It is truly a healing component. And then our Clarifying Serum was actually designed specifically to address acne and acne scarring. The addition of whole leaf aloe vera meanwhile adds an enrichening and soothing component to the serum.

Organic LeClair Skincare

Acne facials are a great way to help soothe and lessen the appearance of acne. The products used are everything! Which is why so many Phoenix skincare spas trust LeClair!

For additional information on LeClair Skincare or to reserve your next facial using our organic line of products, click here to schedule an appointment with a local Spa.