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Here’s the thing…You go to a spa, get pampered, relax for a few hours as your cares melt away. After enjoying a soothing and still powerful facial, your skin feels and looks amazing. You wish that you could hold onto this feeling forever. Unfortunately, many of us can’t get to the spa as often as we’d like. So what’s the answer? How do you get to enjoy the facial experience more often? This is precisely why Phoenix’s LeClair Skincare has created our Facials to Go line. There is nothing else out there quite like these at home facials, and we guarantee that you will get to experience that spa sensation over and over again.

At Home Facials | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare

The other thing about our travel-sized at home facials, they are among the most sanitary products available. Sold exclusively at New Serenity Spa and Inspire Day Spa in Phoenix, these at home facials contain exactly what you need; meaning, each one is perfectly portioned so that your at home facial experience is completely maximized.

What You Can Expect From Our At Home Facials

Addressing a variety of skin conditions/issues, these DIY facials contain all of the products necessary—start to finish—to give your skin that radiant glow that until now you thought you could only get at a Phoenix day spa.

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DIY Facials: The Most Sanitary Option Available!

Like we said, you don’t have to wait for a spa day to experience the same results and enjoy the same overall feeling. After visiting New Serenity Spa or Inspire Day Spa, you can take the facial home with you—everything that the esthetician used. And given how it’s precisely packaged and measured out, well, it just doesn’t get any healthier or more sanitary than this! We are quite proud to say that these are the most sanitary facials in Arizona sold only at New Serenity Spa and Inspire Day Spa.

To place an order online, please visit LeClair Skincare A Facial to Go kit is included with the purchase of any of our products and you will soon be able to order standalone Facials to Go online as well.