Avocado for Wellness — The Skin and Body Superfood

Every wonder what avocado does for the skin and body? We’ve all heard and likely participated in the craze of avocado toast, but what about avocados on our face? What does avocado in our body and on our skin really do for us? Is this societal obsession rightfully due? Or is just another phase like bell-bottom jeans? (Which are coming back in style, might we add…)

Avocado for the Body

Avocado is an incredible fruit. Yes, it’s a fruit! The avocado grows on a tree. The fruit originated in Mexico thousands of years ago. Consuming this superfood has many benefits. Some of these benefits include, for example:

  1. Making your heart happy. The avocado is high in “healthy” fats. Healthy fats block the buildup of plaque in arteries. Plaque-filled arteries have been linked to poor heart health. Scientists found plaque-filled arteries can cause heart attacks. 
  2. Stopping those cancer cells. The avocado plant contains phytonutrients. They protect the avocado plant. These powerful nutrients have been found to delay the growth of cancer cells. Additionally, they can stop the growth of cancer cells all together.
  3. Boosting your brain cognition. Avocados are rich in a oleic acid. Oleic acid is an omega-9 fatty acid. It that has been linked to improved thinking abilities. Furthermore, it improves memory.
avocado for skin and body Phoenix
avocado for skin and body Phoenix

Avocado for the Skin

Not surprisingly, experts in the skincare industry use this super-fruit on our skin. LeClair Skincare is no different. We love this fruit’s powerful potential for health. We crafted the perfect Organic Avocado Moisturizer.

avocado for skin and body Scottsdale
avocado for skin and body Scottsdale

Our Organic Avocado Moisturizer has Vitamins A, D, E, and Lecithin. These nutrients provide a ton of benefits. For example, Vitamin A promotes healthy skin cell production. It also protects against infection. Additionally, it slows down aging. Vitamin D boosts the immune system of the skin. The immune system of the skin is its defense system. This defense system makes sure toxins are shielded. Vitamin E reduces the presence of free radicals in the skin. Free radicals speed up the aging process because they ruin the stability of skin cells. As a result of Vitamin E, skin aging is slowed. Lastly, we have lecithin. Lecithin is an incredible hydrator of the skin. 

Our moisturizer has a lot of wonderful benefits. For example:

  1. Smoother, softer skin
  2. Combats signs of premature aging
  3. Protects skin from sun damage
  4. Hydrates very dry skin
  5. Fights free radicals

Organic LeClair Skincare

In summary, avocado does a host of beneficial things. We believe in the power of the Earth resources for optimal health. Smear the avocado on toast. Lather it up on your face. No matter what you use it for, we trust the avocado will brighten your body, skin, and day.

At LeClair Skincare we pride ourselves on the use of all of our skin care products being all-natural. We ensure that all of our products are vegan and cruelty free. Visit one of our local spas to experience the power of our products. We offer incredible massages and facials.