Award-Winning Facials Using LeClair Skin Care

Let’s think about what a facial entails and what its purpose is…For some, it is to rejuvenate aging skin. Help lighten and brighten uneven pigmentation and imbue the skin’s surface with a firmer tone. For others, it may be about combating acne and acne scarring. And still some people may get a facial for the relaxing and pampering aspect of it. After all, how truly relaxing must it feel to sit back and let a skilled esthetician work their soothing magic on your complexion. For whatever reason you go to a five star Phoenix spa, such as Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa, in the end, you want the experience that only comes with award-winning facials. And with LeClair Skin Care products, this is exactly what you can expect.

Award-Winning Facials Using All-Natural Organic Skin Care Products

Organic LeClair Skincare Phoenix

At New Serenity Spa, an award winning Phoenix day spa featuring only LeClair Organics, they offer a number of soothing and hydrating facial experiences. From the Miracle Facial to the aptly named Serenity Facial, you get a one-of-a-kind treatment that actually brings results. And at Inspire Day Spa, their signature Inspire Facial involves a two hour treatment that boosts collagen production and protects your skin’s elastin.

So what do these Phoenix day spas use to create that more radiant glow and suppler complexion… among the other all-natural products used are:

Organic LeClair Skincare Phoenix

You Can Have an Award-winning Facial at Home – Organic LeClair Skincare

You don’t necessarily have to go to a five star day spa for award -winning facials—though it is a wonderful experience! You can get these same amazing experiences with LeClair Skincare products. From the exfoliation of red lava to the soothing properties of cucumber, you can treat your face to an all-natural regimen that will help enhance its youthful tone and luster.

For additional information on LeClair Skincare or to reserve your next facial using our organic line of products, click here to schedule an appointment with a local Spa.