Best Ways to Treat Facial Scars | Arizona | LeClair Skincare

No one wants to suffer from the telltale signs of facial scars. Whether the result of acne, some sort of skin condition, inflammation, or anything else that may hasten facial scars, your goal is obviously going to be to try and minimize their appearance.

There are some cosmetic treatments available right here in Arizona you can use to address facial scarring directly. For example, some seek surgical treatment; such might involve procedures like various types of laser surgery or dermabrasion. Also, there are topical medications designed to combat the effects of facial scars. A dermatologist might prescribe a steroid or another form other of medication. Cosmetic dermatologists also may recommend injections into the site of the scar to help reduce its appearance.

Additionally, what you put on your facial scars as far as lotions, moisturizers, masks and toners can certainly help. The Arizona-based LeClair Organic Skincare line was developed to work with all skin types in an all-natural and healthy way.

Some Products To Use on Facial Scars

Harvesting the power of nature, all of the LeClair Skincare products possess vitamins, minerals and even the properties of certain superfoods to improve the look and feel of your skin. The Organic Acai Mask for example is made largely from the Acai Berry. This berry boasts everything from Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, phytosterols to Vitamin C. Translation: it helps keep skin soft and supple. It helps add hydration and as far as facial scars are concerned, this particular mask really does improve skin tone and texture overall.

Another thing that facial scar sufferers may want to start utilizing is a microderm peel. The idea behind such a peel, for instance LeClair’s Sugarcane Microderm Peel, is to remove the dead skin cells, and thus reveal the rejuvenated and healthier skin beneath. As it is completely organic and gentle, this peel does work on more sensitive skin. So if you suffer from acne scars for instance, you might definitely want to try a peel such as this one to help soften the skin and also boost collagen production.

Treating Facial Scars: A Process

Beyond organic skincare products, we wanted to offer a quick rundown of some of the treatments available for dealing with a wide array of facial scars.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA): Doctors will often recommend AHA to combat acne scarring. Essentially, AHA is a mild acid that works similar to an enzyme peel in that it removes that dead outer layer of skin revealing the fresh, healthier skin underneath.

Retinoids: Again, many dermatologists will prescribe a retinoid in helping to diminish the look of facial scars. They not only alleviate issues of inflammation, but retinoids also can hasten the cell regeneration process.

Natural Products: There are products available right in your home or grocery store that can work to address scarring and inflammation. Some of the more common remedies include: coconut oil, raw honey and aloe vera.

LeClair Skincare: The Only All-Natural Skincare Choice in Arizona

Facial scarring doesn’t have to deter you from living your best life. There are steps you can take, treatments you can undergo, and products worth looking into that will help lessen the look of such scars. Check out the LeClair Skincare line to see what might be best suited to your skin.