Crow feet treatment

As we age skin starts to sag and wrinkle; laugh lines, and crow feet are among the more noticeable signs of aging with which many have to contend. What exactly are crow feet? They are those line etched into the corners of your eyes. They are generally caused by exposure to the sun’s rays, exposure to elements and just a loss of elasticity in the skin. While we cannot stop the passage of time, we can slow down the wrinkles.

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Many five-star Phoenix spas utilize the LeClair line of organic products in the fight against aging. From crow feet to forehead wrinkles and everything in between, the LeClair line harnesses the power of all natural extracts and botanical that work to infuse the skin with hydration and vitamins. It’s about using gentle but powerfully effective ingredients ethically sourced.

Understanding the Science Behind Crow Feet

So what can you do in order to diminish the look of those little lines around your eyes? There are a couple of incredible products that actually penetrate the skin’s surface and start rebuilding damaged cells. Not to mention, they also spur collagen products. Collagen quite simply is that which adds elasticity and firmness to skin tone.

Insant-Lift Collagen Eye Serum – With our collagen eye serum—true to its name—you really do get the effects of an instant lift around the eyes and to those stubborn crow feet. With ceramides and peptides it also promotes better overall skin health, which means not only fewer wrinkles but a brighter and lighter look and feel to the skin.

organic leclair skincare scottsdale

Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream – This really is the ultimate wrinkle fader! Totally alcohol free, it works on a deeper level and thus truly does transform the appearance of fine lines on both the eyes and the neck area. With regular use, you will notice an amazing difference.

Organic LeClair Skincare for Crow Feet

If the best spas in Phoenix use these products, then why not try them at home. That’s the beauty of the LeClair line—it can be used right at home. So while going to a day spa is certainly a treat, the ability to infuse your skin with powerful and exclusive organic ingredients on a daily basis is absolutely incredible. Softer, suppler and firmer skin await. And in the fight against crow feet, you really have to look no further.

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