Crow’s Feet – Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

With age comes wisdom, and a few fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, your wisdom can lead you to the ultimate experience in age defiance. Crow’s feet are no match for LeClair’s Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream. Our moisturizing formula lessens the look of crow’s feet, that can diminish the youthfulness of your eyes. Luxurious and silky, this eye and neck cream delivers powerful, healing moisture to replenish your face and neck. 

Crow’s Feet - Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

Did You Know Your Neck Has Thin Skin? 

No matter how wise and knowledgeable you become, you still have thin skin. Your neck is technically an extension of your face, however, the skin on the neck is different. The dermal layer is much thinner and more prone to wrinkling. So it’s as delicate as the skin on your eyelids and thus it requires a different type of care. There isn’t as much collagen in the skin of the neck. Our crow’s feet Ultra Repair Eye & Neck cream is rich in collagen and helps support the otherwise sensitive, thin skin on your neck. So in other words, it keeps it moisturized and supported. 

Reap the Benefits of Positive Skincare Habits 

A weekly habit such as using our Organic Red Lava Mineral Mask is relaxing and good for your skin. And of course there is also great benefit to using our Ultra Repair Eye & Neck cream daily. Your body heals while you sleep. So applying our pampering eye and neck cream before bed will ensure that your skin ages gently. It also suffuses your face and neck with extra hydration for ultimate repair and healing. And our silky cream will reduce the appearance of those lines around the eye and along your neck, such that are certainly nothing to crow about.  

Why Our Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream Is So Effective 

While a general moisturizer that hydrates the skin is helpful, our crow’s feet ultra repair eye and neck cream is different. It contains the natural skin bioactive PENTAVITIN®. This key ingredient hydrates dry skin and smooths those crow’s feet lines. It also helps bring back youthful resilience overall. Made especially for normal to dry skin, regular use of the cream will result in long lasting and steady improvement in the appearance of your face and neck. Crow’s feet take flight with the added benefit of moisture, collagen and PENTAVITIN® in LeClair’s Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream.  

A Skincare True or False… 

Pollution Is Aging Your Skin

True! Pollution isn’t just bad for your lungs, it’s also damaging to your skin. Dirt, dust, vehicle emissions and other airborne particles can land on your skin resulting in irritation and premature aging. It’s especially important to cleanse your face and neck, particularly if you live in a high pollution area. Using a cleanser such as LeClair’s Organic Eucalyptus Cleanser will definitely do the job!

Choosing the Right Skincare Product  

Crow’s Feet - Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

Whether you’re looking to reduce the of those fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and on your neck, or just want to take a pampering skin care break, we have the perfect solution for you!  

If you want to experience firsthand how smooth and supple your skin will be, book your next Scottsdale facial at Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa—we promise, you will absolutely love your results!  

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