Dry skin – Avocado Moisturizer – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

Dry skin can certainly be a problem. Especially in the less humid months, those winter months, you may even experience some itching and tightness. LeClair Skincare specializes in creating the kinds of products that are suffused with only the absolute best natural ingredients we can find. And our dry skin avocado moisturizer is no exception. This dry skin moisturizing product is designed to help soothe skin at sub surface levels. Meaning, the avocado—which we all know to be a superfood—in conjunction with Vitamins A, D and E get absorbed deep into the skin. This in turn thoroughly hydrates and boosts the skin’s moisture levels from within.

Dry skin - Avocado Moisturizer - LeClair Skin Scottsdale

How to Use LeClair’s Dry Skin Avocado Moisturizer

For best results in your efforts to combat the signs of dry skin, you will want to utilize the avocado moisturizer a recommended twice daily. Your face especially is exposed to the elements, bacteria and debris more so than other parts of the body.

After a deep cleansing (and some might also do a daily exfoliation), the surface of the skin is prepared for optimal absorption of the avocado moisturizer. This is why it is so important to utilize your dry skin moisturizer after cleansing. So that topically, all of the ingredients get absorbed and thus do what they are supposed to do.

Our organic moisturizer also contains sterolins—an ingredient that helps immensely when it comes to protecting against sun damage.

Beyond of course helping to heal and soothe cracked and/or dry skin, because the avocado moisturizer is so rich in essential fatty acids, most who use the product also note that it helps in the fight against aging as well, plumping, smoothing and softening.

Best Moisturizers For Dry Skin

Our dry skin avocado moisturizer is one product that will certainly get you results. Scottsdale’s LeClair Skincare also makes a number of other products all designed to help alleviate the look and feel of dry skin:

Dry skin - Avocado Moisturizer - LeClair Skin Scottsdale
  • Organic Acai Mask. The benefits of the acai berry have been historically heralded. Great for not only deeply hydrating the skin, but also helping to boost collagen production, this mask is an amazing solution for dealing with dry skin. With a ton of Vitamin C as well as Omega 3s, it simply doesn’t get any healthier!
  • Deep Foaming Cleanser. We mentioned the importance of first preparing the surface of your skin with a penetrating cleanser. If in fact dry skin is an issue, then you want to be sure to choose a cleanser that will not dry your skin out further. LeClair’s Deep Foaming Cleanser was created to remove dead cells, provide deep level cleansing and still keep the skin soft and hydrated.

A Skincare True or False…

Dry skin can be a hereditary problem, True or False?

False. While there are certain genetic skin conditions such as eczema for instance which can appear as dry, scaly, and/or flaky skin, dry skin in and of itself is not considered a hereditary issue.

Choosing the Right Skincare Product

Whether you do suffer from dry skin, or perhaps just want to apply an organic moisturizing product that is incredibly healthy and makes your skin feel amazing, we have the perfect skincare solution for you!

If you want to experience firsthand how smooth and supple your skin will be, book your facial at Scottsdale’s Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa—we promise, you will absolutely love the results!