Dry Skin – Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser – LeClair Skin Phoenix

For many, the smell of coconut brings up thoughts of warm tropical weather and time lounging on a beach. Fortunately, nature has us covered because we don’t want to dry out our skin while we sit in the sun, and so some of those trees at the beach provide us with the healing benefits of coconut. LeClair’s dry skin Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser is rich in the natural vitamins coconut provides and soothes the skin while cleansing 

Dry Skin – Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser – LeClair Skin Phoenix

Three Key Ingredients That Make the Best Cleanser for Dry Skin 

LeClair wanted to offer a cleanser that is both gentle and powerful. We’ve incorporated three key ingredients that make our dry skin Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser highly effective. Those elements are coconut, oatmeal and Jojoba beads. Oatmeal is good for the body inside and out. Oats are filled with saponins which are a natural cleansers. Saponins gently removes dirt and excess oil from the pores while providing nourishment to the skin. 

Why Coconut Works for Dry Skin

Because of its molecular structure, coconut is easily absorbed by the skin which makes it excellent for preventing dryness and flaking; not to mention, it smells great. This cleanser is also infused with all natural Jojoba beads. Jojoba beads have both a moisturizing quality from the oil and are also a gentle exfoliator. In fact, this cleanser is so gentle you can use it everyday to combat dry skin and reveal a uniform skin tone. 

The Benefits of Exfoliation and Moisturizing Treatments at Home 

There are many benefits to regular exfoliation for normal to dry skin. When the skin on your face is excessively dry, it is a good time to use LeClair’s Organic Sugarcane Microderm Peel. This peel will remove dry patches leaving you with smooth and silky skin. An added benefit to our sugarcane microderm peel is that it stimulates collagen production leading to the softening of fine lines. 

Coconut + Jojoba Beads!

Additionally, when your skin is dry, our Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser will provide just the right amount of exfoliation from the Jojoba beads while moisturizing. By washing your face and neck at least twice a day, you will reduce the amount of clogged pores and blackheads which will consequently help prevent blemishes. By consistently using a product with coconut and oatmeal there is also the added benefit of improved hydration and nourishment. The gently cleansed and exfoliated skin on your face will respond quickly to moisturizers such as our Organic Avocado Moisturizer.  

Dry Skin – Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser – LeClair Skin Phoenix

How to use LeClair’s Organic Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser 

We recommend cleansing your dry skin using LeClair’s mild dry skin Organic Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser to remove makeup and oil. Take in the delightful smell of the tropics while you wash up. Enjoy the gentle feeling of the Jojoba beads removing dry skin as it exfoliates your face and neck. 

You can then finish your pampering dry skin cleansing routine with your favorite LeClair moisturizing lotion. You might also try one of our night creams before bed to prevent overnight dry skin and to puff up fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. 

A Skincare True or False… 

It takes a long time to repair dry skin. 

False! Your body is eager to return to a balanced state as far as your skin is concerned. And so you can begin to repair dry skin and boost hydration in hours using LeClair’s organic moisturizers and creams. With consistency, the long-term effects of regularly exfoliating and moisturizing will become apparent as your skin returns to its natural balanced state. 

What Makes LeClair Skincare So Different? 

    – Used at all our spa locations, our products redefine luxurious 

    – Gentle and effective formulas based on 30 years of skincare experience 

    – 100% safe for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin 

    – We only use USDA certified organic ingredients 

    – Also all products are free of chemicals, toxins and parabens 

    – We never engage in any sort of animal testing 

    – Comes in unique and eco-friendly bamboo packaging 

    – They are also available in a ‘Facials to Go’ package; perfect for home care as well as travel 

Choosing the Right Skincare Product  

Soothing dry skin doesn’t have to be incredibly costly. LeClair Skincare uses only the best ingredients found in nature. Which means, dry skin or not, you can apply our moisturizers, toners and creams without the fear of redness, flakiness or breakouts. Free of chemicals, parabens and dyes, our products really do take healthy skincare to the next level.  

If you want to experience firsthand how smooth and supple your skin will be, book your facial at Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa—we promise, you will absolutely love the results!