Dry Skin – Mango Butter Mask – LeClair Skin Phoenix

Dry skin can leave you feeling uncomfortable, less confident and just overall not very excited about going out into the world and interacting with people. What are some of the hallmark signs of dry skin…Generally, skin feels tighter, it can be itchy and even in some instances start to flake. Dry skin issues can be triggered by everything from the weather to the humidity within your home to even the types of products that you put on your face. Which is why it’s so important to use skincare products that are gentle and natural but that still get the job done. This is where Our Dry Skin Mango Butter Mask makes a true impact and lessens the symptoms of dry skin.

Dry Skin – Mango Butter Mask - LeClair Skin Phoenix

The power of mango is absolutely incredible. Did you know that mango has been used to help with everything from blood pressure to overall blood circulation? No wonder it’s so good for the complexion—it’s a natural healer!

Phoenix’s LeClair Skincare: Our Mango Butter Mask Makes Skin So Soft

The ingredients in this dry skin Mango Butter Mask are truly phenomenal. Not only do you get the incredible moisturizing properties of mango, but it also contains Cupuacu Butter and is additionally packed with a ton of vitamins and minerals. This will leave your skin thoroughly hydrated and softer than it’s ever felt before.

We suggest that you apply the mango mask at the end of your skincare routine just before you get ready to go to bed. You might first start with a cleanser such as Phoenix based LeClair’s Eucalyptus Cleanser. Especially for dry skin, this product will deeply clean your complexion but will not add further dryness.

Dry Skin – Mango Butter Mask - LeClair Skin Phoenix

Moisturizing is Key!

And of course, if you do suffer from dry skin, you are going to want to add a daily moisturizing component to your skincare regiment. Our Avocado Moisturizer is absolutely perfect for anyone with dry skin. Avocado is after all a superfood and is just as healthy for your complexion as it is for your body!

A Skincare True or False…

Having dry skin can lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles earlier than you’d otherwise expect.

True. The problem is that with dry skin, the epidermis is losing that essential hydration. This in turn can compromise your skin cells as well as inhibit collagen production. And both of these things will contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

What Makes LeClair Skincare So Different?

    – Used at all our spa locations, our products redefine luxurious

    – Gentle and effective formulas based on 30 years of skincare experience

    – 100% safe for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin

    – We only use USDA certified organic ingredients

    – All products are free of chemicals, toxins and parabens

    – We never engage in any sort of animal testing

    – Comes in unique and eco-friendly bamboo packaging

    – Available in a ‘Facials to Go’ package; perfect for home care as well as travel

Choosing the Right Skincare Product

If you are worried about your dry skin there is a solution! LeClair Skincare uses only the best ingredients found in nature. Which means, whatever type of skin you may have, you can apply our moisturizers, toners, creams and serums without the fear of irritation. You don’t have to let dry skin get the better of you. Free of chemicals, parabens and dyes, our products really do take healthy skincare to the next level.

If you want to experience firsthand how smooth and radiant your skin will be, book your facial at Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa—we promise, you will absolutely love the results!