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We are meant to sparkle and shine every day, so dry, dull skin is never fun. And while nutrition experts tell us to “eat the rainbow,” extracts applied from those colorful foods can also brighten dull skin. LeClair’s dull skin AHA Treatment Scrub is derived from “rainbow” foods such as lemons, apples and grapes. The fruity acids help to clarify and polish the skin. The natural exfoliating beads scrub your skin, washing away dullness and flakes to reveal a baby-soft complexion.  

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Skin? 

Dull Skin – AHA Treatment Scrub - LeClair Skin Phoenix

As we age, our cells regenerate more slowly leaving us with dull looking skin. To help your skin regenerate more frequently, gently removing the top layer of cells with our dull skin AHA Treatment Scrub will transform your complexion and reveal its inherent radiance. LeClair recommends exfoliating two to three times a week. Our naturally non-abrasive scrub contains ultra-fine bamboo and jojoba beads that gently unclog pores and rid the surface of dead skin cells. 

The Benefits of Regular Exfoliation 

There are many benefits to regular exfoliation for all types of skin. For dry, dull skin, those oft times flaky areas are removed using the AHA Treatment Scrub. And what you’re left with is silky smoothness. Also, for those who suffer from blemishes or clogged pores, (the most common areas on your face that clog tend to be the nose, forehead and chin), the exfoliating beads in our scrub will draw out blackheads and whiteheads in those critical areas.  

Regular exfoliation with our treatment scrub restores dull skin and additionally helps combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliated skin is also ready to drink in the hydrating benefits of creams and moisturizers because the dead skin cells are removed. Meaning, the pores are clear. The exfoliated skin on your face and neck will respond quickly to moisturizers such as LeClair’s luxurious Organic Blackberry Moisturizer for instance.

How to use AHA Treatment Scrub 

We recommend starting with skin that has been washed using LeClair’s Deep Foaming Cleanser to remove makeup and oil. Once your face and neck are clean, apply a small amount of dull skin AHA Treatment Scrub with your fingers . Use a gentle, circular motion to gently exfoliate, revealing a natural, resilient glow. After doing this for two to three minutes, rinse your face with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel. Finish your pampering at-home facial with your favorite LeClair moisturizing lotion. 

A Skincare True or False… 

What You Eat Can Affect How Your Skin Ages 

True! Eating a balanced diet and allowing your body to intuitively guide you to the fruits, vegetables and oils it craves supports healthy, radiant skin. You are what you eat, on the inside and out! 

Choosing the Right Skincare Product  

Dull Skin – AHA Treatment Scrub - LeClair Skin Phoenix

Whether you do suffer from dull skin, or just want to lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles, we have the perfect skincare solution for you!  

If you want to experience firsthand how smooth and supple your skin will be, book your next Phoenix facial at Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa—we promise, you will absolutely love your results!  

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