Face Cleansers – What kind is best for me?

Using face cleansers as a part of your daily skincare ritual is so very important. The way in which you clean your face and the products you utilize really do set the stage for the regimen that follows. Using the wrong kind of face cleanser can actually lead to debris and oil build up, clogged pores, even bacteria growth. This is why knowing your skin type and then knowing what types of extracts and botanicals are best for it will make a huge difference in the way your skin look and feels.

Phoenix’s best day spas trust the LeClair Line of Organic Face Cleansers to help their customers achieve maximum results. Inspire Day Spa for instance, with their anti-aging facial utilizes the entire spectrum of LeClair products because they know that with ingredients like Vitamin C and coconut these products bring smoothness, hydration and rejuvenation.

Organic LeClair Skincare Phoenix

Understanding the Different Types of Face Cleansers

Again, the type of skin you have, be it dry, oily, acne prone or otherwise, really should dictate the face cleanser you choose. Below is a breakdown of the products we offer and how they might help!

Deep Foaming Cleanser: As the name suggests, it penetrates deep to stimulate the cell renewal process. And because it is perfect for normal to dry skin, this cleanser not only thoroughly removes dirt and oil but also helps brighten the skin, leaving it far more radiant than before.

Balancing Cleanser: The botanicals in this cleanser actually serve to soothe irritated skin. Perfect for those prone to acne outbreaks, this cleanser also has an antiseptic component that neutralizes acne causing bacteria.

Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser: The combined power of coconut and oatmeal work to soften dry skin while also removing that outer layer of dead cells, thus revealing the newer cells beneath. It also contains jojoba oil which is truly an enrichening experience for your skin’s surface.

Eucalyptus Cleanser: The medicinal power of eucalyptus is amazing. This cleanser is ideal for those with oily and acne prone skin. Also,there’s an anti fungal, antiseptic and antibacterial component to this cleanser that provides deeply penetrating power to your cleansing routine.

Organic LeClair Skincare Phoenix

Organic LeClair Skincare

We care about what goes on your skin. Which is why we use only organic, gentle and effective ingredients that address key skin issues. So whether you have oily, dry, or irritated skin, we have face cleansers for all of it!

For additional information on LeClair Skincare or to reserve your next facial using our organic line of products, click here to schedule an appointment with a local Spa.