Face toners – How they help my skin

We frequently get questions about what exactly a toner is? How can face toners help your skin? And what are the result if using face toners regularly? We wanted to take a moment to address such questions—as knowing what you use for your skin is extremely important. First off, a toner is generally an after cleansing part of your routine that helps to restore pH balance as well as even out oily skin that may be acne prone for instance. In fact, many Scottsdale area spas will use face toners for their clients in a number of different facial treatments. Those same premiere spas have consistently relied upon the LeClair line of toners to achieve optimal results.

A toner also helps to refresh skin by adding another layer of hydration. It serves to bind moisture to the molecules so as to infuse your face with much needed replenishment. Furthermore, face toners can also help to shrink pores, which if you have oily or sensitive skin, this can create a more radiant and natural looking glow.

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When Using Face Toners: What You Need to Know

As mentioned, a toner is usually applied after cleansing the skin’s surface. To this end, we have created some amazing all-organic toners that really do penetrate the skin’s layers and add a ton of nutrients and minerals—perfect for a variety of skin types.

Acai Lemongrass Toner: The acai and gingko extracts are ideal for oily and combination skin. They add antioxidants as well as vitamin E and iron—it really doesn’t get any healthier in some ways. To further extend the power of this product, we’ve included green tea extract which is heralded for its amazing properties.

Green Tea Toner: Great for oily skin, this face toner is also an ideal one for those looking to stop the signs of aging. Green tea extracts penetrate the surface and heal damaged cells from within. Thus helping to diminish the look of wrinkles.

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Pomegranate Toner: Pomegranate actually works to tone and brighten skin. Because it is a super fruit, its healing power is unparalleled. So for skin damaged by harmful UV rays for instance, this is the toner that will help repair and rejuvenate.

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Should you use face toners? Absolutely! For everything from evening out oily skin, to softening dry skin, to combatting fine lines and wrinkles, toners can work wonders on your complexion.

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