Forehead Wrinkles – How to minimize their appearance

Forehead wrinkles can make us look much older than we truly are, and especially much older than we feel. That furrowed brow, the sharp lines in between your eyebrows, all serve to hasten the aging process. So what can you do to slow down the onset of forehead wrinkles.

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Ask any of the top estheticians at Phoenix’s premiere spas and they will probably tell you that fighting fine lines and wrinkles is a matter of using the right products—organic products that are effective yet gentle on your skin. This is why many award-winning Phoenix based spas have switched to the LeClair product line. Botanicals and extracts that are filled with tons of vitamins and minerals, such that help smooth out those stubborn forehead wrinkles.

The Best Products for Your Forehead Wrinkles

First off, exfoliation in this area is key. Removing dead skin cells to make way for regenerated ones will help achieve that youthful difference. Secondly, you want to apply moisturizers and toners that penetrate the skin’s surface and actually work on boosting collagen production as well as repairing any cell damage. This in turn will not only help plump those wrinkled areas but bring much needed hydration to skin.

The LeClair Line for Forehead Wrinkles

We’ve worked on developing all natural products which really do use the power of nature to slow the signs of aging. For instance:

Clarifying Serum – A good clarifying serum containing whole leaf aloe vera is able to get to those under layers of skin and thus heal from within. In the process, the serum infuses an immense amount of hydration into the skin’s cells thereby giving a fuller and volumized look to your complexion.

organic leclair skincare phoenix

Eucalyptus Tea Tree moisturizer – Combine eucalyptus and tea tree oil and what do you get, a formula that has more antioxidants than just about any you can find. And antioxidants mean renewed health and wellness for your skin. Not to mention, with its detoxifying properties, the tea tree oil also helps oily, acne prone skin.

Eucalyptus CleanserEucalyptus has been heralded for ages. When it comes to fighting forehead wrinkles, the power of this extract actually helps to heal while it cleans.

organic leclair skincare phoenix

Organic LeClair Skincare

Whether forehead wrinkles, or any type of wrinkles, the effectiveness of organic extracts really does work to take years off. You just need to try it for yourself!

For additional information on LeClair Skincare or to reserve your next facial using our organic line of products, click here to schedule an appointment with a local Spa.