How Cortisol impacts your skin

So what is cortisol and how does it impact your skin? We actually get asked this question a lot—so we thought we’d break it down here and give you a brief overview of what cortisol does and how you can combat the negative effects. When visiting some of the premiere Scottsdale based spas, such as New Serenity Spa, you will notice that they generally stick to organic products. Many of them use the LeClair organic lines of products. This is because natural botanicals and extracts contain the nutrients needed to restore your skin’s balance, add hydration and create a much softer complexion.

Basically, cortisol is a hormone associated with the adrenal gland. Some refer to it as the stress hormone. As such when released into the blood stream, as far as your skin is concerned, too much cortisol can hasten acne outbreaks. It can also, according to recent studies, speed up the aging process and make age spots and wrinkles even more apparent. There are products though that you can use to counter the effects of too much cortisol in your system.

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LeClair Products for Fighting Cortisol

Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream– With increased stress not only, as mentioned, do wrinkles pop up out more, but also dark circles and bags under your eyes. This cream is designed to ramp up collagen production in response and suffuse the skin with a rich layer of moisture.

Gotu Kola Mask helps– The intense power of the extracts in this formula not only work to add greater hydration at a deeper level, but also penetrate skin to repair the cells from within.

Blackberry MoisturizerBlackberries are incredibly high in antioxidants, ALA, and CoQ10; these all fight free radical damage which during times of stress is more evident on the skin.  

Advanced Therapeutic Moisturizer- Acne outbreaks are common when too much cortisol is released. This moisturizer was developed to help fight such outbreaks while repairing the skin’s barrier.  

organic leclair skincare phoenix

Clarifying Serum- Stress can give rise to pimples and ultimately acne. This clarifying serum helps to even out oily skin and get rid of the bacteria that can bring about acne.

Green Tea Toner- Green tea is after all heralded for it powerful nature. This product not only helps fight acne and other stress related issues, but ultimately detoxifies your skin.

Organic LeClair Skincare

Cortisol is something we all have and that affects everyone’s skin. Stress can take the form of acne, wrinkles even dark circles. Having the right products on hand to combat such effects is critical!

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