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Acne breakouts are not only comfortable, but they also diminish our sense of confidence, our willingness to face the world. Some people unfortunately are just prone to experience such breakouts. The questions is: how to clear breakouts. There are consequently so many products and treatments out there that could potentially help. So which do you choose? Ultimately those suffering from acne are looking for their skin to be soothed, the redness lessened and the zits diminished. We get how trying dealing with an acne outbreak can be, which is why we at Scottsdale’s LeClair Skincare created all organic products to help in the fight against acne symptoms.

Your Skincare Routine Matters!

It really does come down to a thorough and consistent skincare regiment comprised of the kinds of products that are made from the best ingredients that nature has to offer. Those products, however, still have to penetrate deeply and thus be effective when it comes to how to clear breakouts. This is why we wanted to offer a quick overview of a sample skincare routine that will get results.

How to Clear Breakouts | Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare

When Asking How to Clear Breakouts, Look No Further Than LeClair

As mentioned, especially with skin that is oily and has a tendency to be susceptible to acne, a meticulous routine is paramount to controlling outbreaks. So what does this routine look like…

  • First, a deep cleansing is essential. Throughout the day your pores accumulate dirt, bacteria and other such free radicals. This in turn creates a breeding ground for acne. You want to utilize a cleanser that has antibacterial as well as healing properties. For instance, we recommend the Organic Eucalyptus Cleanser. Eucalyptus has been heralded for centuries in terms of its ability to soothe and heal irritated skin. It also helps to repair cell damage from the inside out.
  • A serum also makes a lot of sense if you truly want to combat acne at its source. So when considering how to clear breakouts, you might try our Clarifying Serum. It is strong and powerful as far as reducing the appearance of acne and even acne scarring, but because of the aloe vera it contains, this product is also ideal for sensitive skin.

Never Forget to Moisturize

Just because your skin may be a bit more on the oily side, doesn’t mean you should skip the moisturizing part of your routine. In fact, we highly recommend moisturizers with active ingredients that help wipe out acne causing bacteria. We have created a Blackberry Moisturizer that because of its antioxidants, will detoxify your skin and thus rid the surface of free radicals.

Finally, we suggest using a mask as the ultimate defense against future acne breakouts. The Acai Mask deeply hydrates skin and because of the amount of Vitamin C it contains, it serves a healing function as well.

How to Clear Breakouts | Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare

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Used in premiere spas throughout the Scottsdale region, our products get results. Sourced responsibly, and containing no chemicals or parabens, our acne fighting products in particular truly will help you feel better about your complexion and restore your confidence!