How to do a Vitamin-C Facial?

Ever consider doing a Vitamin-C facial? Why Vitamin-C? For one, the presence of vitamin C on your skin actually facilitates the infusion of all other nutrients and minerals. Think of it as paving the way for organic goodness. Secondly, when you think Vitamin-C facial, think that which has the power to give your skin new radiance. Plus, because of its inherent properties, the Vitamin-C facial really does have the ability to heal damaged skin and thus fight the signs of aging.

organic LeClair skincare Phoenix

This is why so many Phoenix spas use vitamin C based products in their facial treatments, and why so many actually have switched the LeClair organic line because the extracts and vitamins found in these products are both powerful and gentle on your skin.

Some of the Best LeClair Products for your Vitamin-C Facial

Here are just a few of the vitamin C based products used by top Phoenix skincare spas:

Deep Foaming Cleanser – It’s not just about cleaning, but about brightening and hydrating your skin. The active ingredients naturally remove dirt and bacteria and leave behind a radiance that you can both see and feel.

Hydrating and Toning Mist – Used as part of your everyday skincare routine, this mist not only tones and firms, but also infuses skin with organic ingredients that serve to help heal damage and deterioration.

Mandelic Serum 15% – Mandelic acid has been used for ages to help bring greater health to your skin. It dissolves the bonds between dead cells, leaving rejuvenated cells behind. To this end, it is great in terms of preventing hyperpigmentation.

organic LeClair skincare Phoenix

Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Peel – The power of pineapple and papaya together equal the ability to remove dead cells, minimize pores, soften the skin’s surface and reduce the look of both age spots and wrinkles. This really does do it all!

Ester-C Brightening Serum – Perhaps the most notable quality of the Vitamin-C facial is the ability to lighten skin and reduce the look of pigmentation issues. And with this brightening serum that is exactly what you can achieve.

Mango Butter Mask – The richness of mango and cupuacu butter combine here to create a calming and intensively soothing facial experience. With active ingredients that both fortify and rejuvenate, this mask is a must try.

Ester-C Collagen Moisturizer – Collagen is that which gives the skin its elasticity and when paired with Vitamin C, you get an age defying product that fights fine lines at the source—deep within the skin’s layers.

Organic LeClair Skincare

A Vitamin-C Facial experience can feel so good, most importantly it gives your skin the best extracts and ingredients it needs to look fantastic.

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