How to do an organic facial at home?

Have you ever considered giving yourself a facial at home? The pampering, the softness, the hydration for your skin…We could all use a facial at home once in awhile. Certainly visiting a five-star Phoenix day spa such as Inspire Day Spa is also a wonderful treat—but did you know you can have the same products that more and more premium skincare spas are using with the LeClair Organic Line?

organic LeClair skincare Phoenix

From moisturizers, to serums, to at-home peels, you have access to powerful extracts and botanicals that are super gentle on your skin. And our products treat a wide variety of skin conditions. Which means that your facial at home can address issues such as oily and acne prone skin to dry and irritated skin.

The Best LeClair Products for a Facial at Home: Dry Skin

Let’s start with dry skin…Want to fight the tight feeling, sometimes even the itchiness of dry skin. Not to mention, what about aging skin—the following products are great for dry, mature skin adding a ton of moisture and rejuvenating your complexion!

With both our Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser and Mango Butter Mask you get the types of products that penetrate deeply and the organics that naturally leave skin feeling softer and more supple.

organic LeClair skincare Phoenix

You can’t forget the super fruits/foods: both the pomegranate toner and avocado moisturizer work wonders on hiding fine lines and wrinkles. Pomegranate helps restore the skin’s natural pH levels while also boosting collagen production. While avocado adds a richness to the skin that helps repair damaged cells from within.

Restore Radiance!

For restoring radiance two great products to try are the Sugarcane Microderm Peel and Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Peel. With sugar cane especially you get the effects of the sugar cane which serve to remove dead skin cells but also the added bonus of flower extracts that heighten the hydration factor.

Finally a must have for aging skin, especially around the eyes is the LeClair Cucumber Eye Cream. Cucumber helps to soothe and calm the skin while at the same time providing an immense amount of moisture helping to plump the skin around the eyes.

Facial at Home: Oily Skin

For those prone to oily skin and acne outbreaks you most definitely need to use the full line of LeClair Eucalyptus products: Eucalyptus Cleanser and Eucalyptus Tea tree Moisturizer. Perhaps there is no more powerful extract against acne then eucalyptus—with its medicinal properties it really does calm inflamed and acne damaged skin.

Green Tea Toner is another great option. The power of green tea is indisputable and as it is filled with antioxidants it repairs damaged skin while it firms and hydrates. Both the AHA Treatment Scrub and the Red Laval Mineral Mask are two products that get to the source of acne causing bacteria. The clay in the mask helps to absorb impurities while the AHA scrub is really all about utilizing the best fruit extracts to tighten and tone the skin while evening out what would otherwise be an oily complexion.

organic LeClair skincare Phoenix

Organic LeClair Skincare

When you want a facial at home look no further than our all natural, good-for-you products. Developed for ensuring you get the best version of your skin!

For additional information on LeClair Skincare or to reserve your next facial using our organic line of products, click here to schedule an appointment with a local Spa.