How to use serums to Boost Moisture?

Why should you use a serum? What exactly can it do for your skin? Many of the best Phoenix area spas actually incorporate serums and toners into their various facials and skincare treatments. This is because one thing that the best serums most definitely do is to boost the moisture content of skin. And especially as we age, and skin loses that essential moisture, infusing it with more hydration is key to that healthy and radiant glow!

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The LeClair line of Organics is heralded by numerous five-star Phoenix spas. Why? This is because with our products we source only the best ingredients and natural extracts in order to bring our customers’ skin  that much-needed moisture and protection which results in a truly transformative look. Among our most sought after products—at least in terms of skincare spas—the serums. Below is a quick guide to the best serums we offer and why they’re so good for your skin.

LeClair Line: The Best Serums Available

Unlike cleansers, serums penetrate even deeper, delivering the richness and goodness to your complexion at the cellular level. So this in turn, helps to lock moisture in.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum- Among the best serums on the market today, hyaluronic acid is the go-to product when it comes to anti-aging formulas. A humectant, hyaluronic acid actually binds moisture molecules to it in significant amounts. As the serum penetrates the skin, it draws that moisture deep within.

organic LeClair skincare phoenix

Pomegranate SerumPomegranate is a super fruit. Which means it not only infuses the skin with extra hydration, but its antioxidants also help to repair damaged skin cells. The result is a firmer and plumper overall tone.

Ester-C Brightening SerumWhat better for your skin than Vitamin C. It not only repairs damaged skin, protects skin from pollutants and free radicals but also helps to brighten your skin where uneven pigmentation issues might be a problem.

Organic LeClair Skincare

Serums should absolutely be a daily step in your skincare routine. Celebrities and A-listers alike rely upon moisture boosting serums to help them maintain that youthful and luminescent glow. And now with the LeClair Organic Skincare line you can take advantage of our best serums to give your skin that rejuvenated look that otherwise you’d have to go to a spa to experience. This is because we care about our customers and we care about what you put on your skin—the best ingredients, the most eco-friendly extracts that are both effective and still gentle—this is what we’re about!

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