Crow’s Feet – Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

With age comes wisdom, and a few fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, your wisdom can lead you to the ultimate experience in age defiance. Crow’s feet are no match for LeClair’s Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream. Our moisturizing formula lessens the look of crow’s feet, that can diminish the youthfulness of your eyes. Luxurious and silky, this […]

Oily Skin – Organic Acai Lemongrass Toner – LeClair Skin Phoenix

If you suffer from oily skin, or the dreaded combination skin, then you may be experiencing breakouts, a lack of confidence, a need to consistently pat the skin dry. We get it. And that is why we’ve created a number of products that deal with oily skin at the subsurface level. One such product: our […]

Fine Lines – Deep Foaming Cleanser – LeClair Skin Phoenix

It can start as early as your late 20’s as those fine lines start to appear around the eyes and mouth. We are outdoors often when we are growing up and spend hours on the playground or backyard. The sun exposure time starts to add up. It’s never too soon to add LeClair’s pH balanced Deep Foaming Cleanser to your routine. […]

Wrinkles – Ester C Collagen Moisturizer – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

Time is always moving us forward, and while we like the wisdom that aging reveals to our minds, the wrinkles on our skin we could do without. Anti-Wrinkles Ester C Collagen Moisturizer by LeClair is a high-performance multi-benefit cream that works in every layer of normal to dry skin. It is the ultimate in age-defiance and it offers superior hydration for skin that has […]

Stressed Skin – Gotu Kola Hydration Mask – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

As we age, we take on an incredible amount of responsibility in our lives. And it can be easy to forget to destress and relax. Stress doesn’t just affect our emotions, our stressed skin will reflect our inner worries. They will show up in the form of increased dryness, sagging/loose skin and wrinkles on our […]

Acne – Eucalyptus Cleanser – LeClair Skin Phoenix

Acne can diminish anyone’s confidence level. You sometimes don’t even feel like facing the world—it can be very disheartening. And many people will go through tons of different treatments to try and find that magic solution to their acne issues. While there might not be a magic solution per se, there is the importance of […]

Dry Skin – Acai Mask – LeClair Skin Phoenix

Bursting with vitamins, minerals and Omegas 3, 6 and 9, the dry skin Acai Mask is one product that goes such a long way toward not only hydrating your complexion, but also preventing the signs of aging. Dry skin and those telltale crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles really do go hand in hand. What […]

Oily Skin – Oil Control Eucalyptus Serum – LeClair Skin Phoenix

Our bodies are wired to heal, and nature’s bounty supplies us with natural elements such as eucalyptus to support our health organically. At LeClair, we like the antibacterial qualities of eucalyptus which is why we created our oily skin Eucalyptus Serum. If you have tried moisturizing products that clog the pores on your face, it’s time to try our weightless oil control serum especially formulated for oily skin. Our formula will help give […]

Dry Skin – Rose Serum – LeClair Skin Phoenix

Dry skin is no laughing matter. You feel tightness, sometimes there’s accompanying flakiness, even itchiness. It’s just not a comfortable situation. Plus, with a dried out complexion, you don’t have that same confidence that you normally would. Here is where the power of an all organic serum comes into pay. LeClair’s dry skin Rose serum […]

Dull Skin – AHA Treatment Scrub – LeClair Skin Phoenix

We are meant to sparkle and shine every day, so dry, dull skin is never fun. And while nutrition experts tell us to “eat the rainbow,” extracts applied from those colorful foods can also brighten dull skin. LeClair’s dull skin AHA Treatment Scrub is derived from “rainbow” foods such as lemons, apples and grapes. The […]