Oily Skin – Clarifying Serum – LeClair Skin Phoenix

We all want to have a twinkle in our eye and to radiate and shine, but shiny oily skin is not what we’re after. LeClair’s oily skin Clarifying Serum is scientifically formulated to gently exfoliate sensitive, oily skin and it also helps clear up acne and minimize scarring associated with acne-prone skin.  

Oily Skin - Clarifying Serum - LeClair Skin Phoenix

Long ago scientists realized the healing benefits of aloe vera. Thus, our Clarifying Serum is created with Whole Leaf Aloe Vera which makes it safe to use on sensitive skin. Additionally, aloe vera enhances the hydration benefits of our serum, leaving the skin smoother and radiant. 

How Often Should You Exfoliate Oily Skin? 

Skin that is acne prone or oily will regenerate more frequently by gently removing the top layer of cells. This in turn nudges the immune system to refresh that outer layer of skin. And that is why our oily skin Clarifying Serum will improve the look of your skin overall and will also reveal a more matte finish. Phoenix based LeClair recommends exfoliating sensitive, oily skin one to two times a week. And given the added benefit of aloe vera, the serum is actually safe to use several times a week.  

The Benefits of Regular Exfoliation 

There are many benefits to regular exfoliation for all types of skin, particularly normal to oily skin. For example, most people suffer from blackheads or whiteheads around the forehead, chin and nose areas of the face. Acne blemishes can be particularly damaging and leave scars. Oily skin can give rise to breakouts. Therefore, regular use of our serum will help reduce breakout frequency as well as diminish the appearance of scarring from blemishes.    

Serums Really Do Make a Difference

As with most exfoliation products, regular use of our serum will also combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, exfoliated oily skin is also more ready to drink in the hydrating benefits of moisturizers because the dead skin cells have been removed. And so pores are more open to take in hydration. After using our serum, the exfoliated skin on your face and neck will respond quickly to moisturizers such as LeClair’s luxurious Organic Avocado Moisturizer. 

Oily Skin - Clarifying Serum - LeClair Skin Phoenix

How to Use the Best Serum for Oily Skin and Acne 

We recommend starting any skin care routine with clean skin. Before using our serum, cleanse your face and neck using LeClair’s Deep Foaming Cleanser to remove makeup and oil. After washing your face, apply a small amount of our oily skin Clarifying Serum with your fingers directly to the skin. Using a gentle, circular motion exfoliate your oily skin to reveal a natural matte glow with less visible scarring. After exfoliating using the serum for one to two minutes, rinse your face with warm water and pat your face dry with a soft towel. Finish your oily skin at-home facial with your favorite LeClair moisturizing lotion or night cream. 

A Skincare True or False… 

Eating greasy food causes teenage acne. 

False! Many teens have oily skin, and some suffer from acne. But acne is not caused by eating potato chips and french fries. Acne is actually a symptom of a bacterial infection under the skin. And so while a teenager’s diet might not be the most nutritious, the fried foods they eat do not cause acne.  

What Makes LeClair Skincare So Different? 

    – Used at all our spa locations, our products redefine luxurious 

    – Gentle and effective formulas based on 30 years of skincare experience 

    – 100% safe for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin 

    – We only use USDA certified organic ingredients 

    – All products are free of chemicals, toxins and parabens 

    – Also, we never engage in any sort of animal testing 

    – Comes in unique and eco-friendly bamboo packaging 

    – And it is also available in a ‘Facials to Go’ package; perfect for home care as well as travel 

Choosing the Right Skincare Product  

Soothing inflamed skin for those suffering from acne, doesn’t have to be incredibly costly. And keep in mind, LeClair Skincare uses only the best ingredients found in nature. Which means, oily skin or not, you can apply our serums, toners and creams without the fear of redness, flakiness or breakouts. Free of chemicals, parabens and dyes, our products really do take healthy skincare to the next level.  

So if you want to experience firsthand how smooth and supple your skin will be, book your facial at Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa—we promise, you will absolutely love the results!