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Ever wonder how a facial makes us happy? Those are two words we don’t always put together. But did you know facials actually DO promote happiness? Other than the obvious benefits of healthy and cleansed skin, regular facials can actually promote an increased level of well-being. Let’s take a look at how.

Science of the Facial

Around our face we have a ton of nerve endings. These nerve endings are really sensitive spots that trigger a lot of sensation in our face. When we have been staring at a computer for a while or really focused on reading something, we tend to clench our jaw a lot. Additionally, we furrow our brow and tighten the area around our eyes. When we tighten these areas, we develop tension. This tension normally causes as painful headaches and migraines. One way to reverse this tension is to stimulate the nerve endings on our face to get a sensation of “release”. Furthermore, during a facial, we tend to get a scalp massage as well. The pressure on our scalp muscles also aid in the release of the tension we build over time.

As we feel our face and scalp release the tension, we feel an overall sense of relief. Excess tension is no longer stored in our face and our scalp. Our nerve endings feel more awake and alive. These sensations can promote feelings of calm and happiness.

At our local spas, we pride ourselves on using products in our facials that are organic, all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. We use the LeClair Skincare line and couldn’t be happier with the deep and dramatic we have seen in our client’s skin. Below we’ve listed our top 3 products for a facial that is bound to make you happy!

How a Facial Makes Us Happy Phoenix
How a Facial Makes Us Happy Phoenix

Top Three Products for a Happy Facial

  1. Advanced Therapeutic Moisturizer. This extremely nourishing moisturizer penetrates the skin deeply to provide that ever-so-sought-after glow. The all-natural formula is very lightweight. It also promotes healthy skin cell production. It’s hard not to feel happy with a glowing face and new cells!
  2. Organic Acai Mask. This mask, rich in healthy fats for the skin intensely combats signs of anti-aging. The presence of the mineral Silicon in this mask increases collagen production. Collagen makes for strong and elastic skin. Resiliant skin always makes for happy skin!
  3. Organic Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser. If not just for how amazing this cleanser smells… but also for its soft, smooth effects on our skin. Oats are natural cleansers. They are extremely gentle but effective on our skin. The coconut oil does a spectacular job at topping off deep moisturize, leaving us unable to contain the smiles on our faces!

Organic LeClair Skincare

At LeClair Skincare we pride ourselves on the use of all of our skin care products being all-natural. We ensure that all of our products are vegan and cruelty free. Visit one of our local spas to experience the power of our products. We offer incredible massages and facials.