Should You Get a Facial for Acne? | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare

Acne is a problem that plagues many of us. From teenagers to adults, people have to contend with breakouts, oily skin, zits, and just the general lack of confidence that accompanies acne. There are a ton of over the counter and prescribed solutions to try and cope with this skin issue. One such treatment you might try is a facial for acne. There are specialized facial treatments designed to help alleviate the symptoms of an outbreak and thus leave you feeling refreshed and more confident than before.

Should You Get a Facial for Acne? | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare

The key is to ensure that the products being used during a facial for acne are all natural and that they are actually effective. So many skincare products and washes will say that they’re organic—which is fine of course—but are they still powerful enough to combat the bacteria and oiliness that gives rise to acne. At Phoenix based LeClair Skincare, we only create products that are both natural and also such that intensely penetrate and soothe acne irritated skin.

Getting a Spa Facial for Acne: What You Need to Know

It’s important if you are planning on getting a facial for acne to first make sure that the Phoenix area spa you visit takes the time to assess your specific situation. Not to mention, their estheticians should all be up to date on the latest in skincare practices and products. With acne, you are already prone to sensitive skin issues; the last thing you want is for an acne facial to worsen the situation.

A facial for acne generally first involves a thorough cleansing. Both Inspire Day Spa and New Serenity Spa utilize LeClair Organic products. And particularly when it comes to treating acne, a great facial cleanser is the Balancing Cleanser. Developed specifically for acne prone skin, the cleanser contains a variety of essential all natural oils which help to control and ultimately heal breakouts.

Should You Get a Facial for Acne? | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare

There is usually an extraction associated with an acne facial—this simply means that the esthetician removes blackheads and also the bacteria that leads to further breakouts. Despite the fact that those with acne often have oily skin, this does not mean you should forego a moisturizer. Moisturizing skin in a healthy and refreshing way is so key. The Eucalyptus Tea Tree Moisturizer is one that works exceedingly well with cases of acne. Eucalyptus has innate healing properties. Plus, green tea is such a powerful antiseptic.

Visiting a Phoenix Day Spa

Whether you want to discuss a potential facial  treatment or you’re ready to try it, when visiting Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa you will be amazed at the results. The highly trained staff genuinely takes the time to consult with you and pinpoint your specific skincare needs. Not to mention, the well appointed treatment rooms, and the ambiance in general make the experience so incredibly relaxing. You don’t have to let acne control your life. The outbreaks can be lessened and soothed by virtue of a powerful organic facial. Use the right products and you will see the difference in the results!