So What Exactly Is Your Skin Type?

Skin types range from dry to oily to sensitive, among others, and as such, everyone requires a different regimen in order to deal with the issues that they may be experiencing. Here’s the thing, many of us simply aren’t sure which skin type applies specifically to us. Throw in the fact that some have a combination of skin types, and you can clearly see how this can all get confusing.

This is why we wanted to offer a brief guide explaining how you identify which skin type might be most relevant to you, and also how to pick those products that are geared toward addressing your skin. With the right cleansers, masks and toners, proper care and an adherence to a skincare regimen that actually works, you can successfully fight the negative effects of dry, oily or sensitive skin.

How To Determine Your Skin Type

Before simply going to the store or shopping online for a random product that may not be tailored to your skin needs, it is so important to first determine what skin type you have. Really, the easiest way to figure out under what category your skin falls is to carefully observe it. What we mean by that is simply this: Wash your face thoroughly with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Pat completely dry and then wait approximately twenty to thirty minutes.

After this period, you should start to notice something about your skin. For instance, is there a sheen appearing in spots such as on your forehead or nose? This probably means that your skin tends toward the oily side. On the other hand, are you experiencing an almost “tightening” sensation? This is a sign of dry skin. If your skin maintains a more uniform luster than that would mean your skin is normal. And when it comes to sensitive skin, you may on occasion notice redness, perhaps even some itching when exposed to certain types of products and/or facial cleansers.

What are the Pros and Cons of Each of the Skin Types?

With each type of skin condition mentioned above, there are definitely pros and cons to consider.

  • Dry Skin: You won’t have that shiny look that often accompanies oily skin, and you are also less prone to acne. However, dry skin is also considered to be on the sensitive side and unless it is kept moisturized, can show fine lines and wrinkles easier.
  • Oily Skin: Because your skin does have more innate moisture it does tend to age slower. That said, it does have a shinier appearance throughout the day, especially in those particularly oily spots.
  • Normal Skin:Fortunately, this skin type is fairly balanced; as long as it is taken care of correctly, it will stay this way.
  • Sensitive Skin: With sensitive skin types you want to be very careful about which products you choose to put on your face. Sticking to gentle and most likely organic products, you should be able to maintain a more radiant complexion.

Maintaining Your Skin…Regardless of Type

Whatever the skin type, you want to ensure that the products you are using address the specific issues and challenges your skin poses. When creating the LeClair Product Line, we focused on developing skincare products that were specific to dry, oily, normal and sensitive skin. For instance, if you do suffer from oily skin, you first want to use a cleanser such as the Pure Eucalyptus Cleanser. The extracts in this promote a healthier complexion without the shine. You might then choose to use our Pure Green Tea Toner. This brings much-needed antioxidants to your skin.

If yours is drier skin, then perhaps opt for the Pure Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser. Did you know that coconut provides more nourishment and moisture than many other natural ingredients? Couple that with a Pure Avocado Moisturizer, such that is packed with Vitamins A,D and E and your dry skin will get a much needed infusion of hydration.

For sensitive skin types, you also want to make sure that the products are gentle and organic. What can be better for your skin that that which nature herself produces! The Pure Mango Butter Mask is especially designed for those with a sensitive skin type. Replete with phytosterols, it has a calming effect, soothing otherwise red and potentially inflamed skin.

As for those with normal skin, advance your skincare treatment with the LeClair Corrective RX Ester-C Brightening Serum. Serums offer complexions a brightness boost. Making that radiance last longer.