What You Need to Know About Spring/Summer Skincare

Just as the seasons change, your skin also reacts and changes accordingly. The skin you have in the summer is different from the skin type you may have come winter. Weather conditions, temperature, humidity all factor into the impact that a particular seasoncan have on the skin. In this article we want to focus on summer skincare and some of the different products that you might be able to use in order to combat the negative effects that summer weather can have when it comes to your complexion.

Depending on where you live obviously, the heat and weather will be different. Different areas of the country therefore need to understand what to expect as far as summer skincare standards are concerned.

Northern Summer Skincare

Summertime in the north part of the country consists of moderately hot temps and plenty of humidity. Humidity in turn leads to skin that tends toward the oily side. This is why you need the kinds of summer skincare products that help absorb excess moisture and thus prevent your face from appearing perennially shiny looking. Here is where toners work really well—The Pure Green Tea Toner was developed to hydrate skin while at the same time minimizing surface oils.

Southern Summer Skincare

In the south, summers can present a multitude of weather conditions. It is not uncommon for it to be extremely humid at times, and then super dry other times. In preparing to deal with your “summer skin” in the south, you want to make sure you have a balance of products, especially when it comes to cleansers. A really good one to try might be LeClair’s Pure Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser. With this you get the best of both worlds. The active ingredients in the coconut provide hydration and moisture, while balanced perfectly by the oatmeal which serves to remove dead skin cells and neutralize the oils on the skin’s surface.

West Coast Summer Skincare

On the west coast one of your biggest issues is going to be the damaging effects of UV rays. You need to have skincare products that both protect and repair to this extent. For instance, we offer a Pure Apple Stem Cell Night Cream that actually works to restore your skin at the most fundamental levels. It ultimately hydrates, brightens and fights the signs of aging!