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What Types of Forehead Acne Treatment Are There? | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare

When it comes to forehead acne treatment, the options can seem pretty limiting. The blemishes and outbreaks that acne causes can diminish our self esteem, make us feel less confident in our appearance. This is why finding an effective treatment, one that is natural and gentle on your skin, can mean a world of difference […]

Acne – Advanced Therapeutic Moisturizer – LeClair Skin Phoenix

When you are dealing with acne, the quality of the products you choose to put on your face is absolutely a priority. The sensitive nature of skin suffering from acne reacts best to cleansers and moisturizers that promote natural healing. LeClair’s Acne Advanced Therapeutic Moisturizer is designed specifically for the challenges of acne prone skin for people of all ages. Our moisturizer gently hydrates oily […]