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What are the best organic skin care products for acne? | Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare

Many suffer from acne—regardless of age. And while yes, acne does tend to be associated with teens, there are numerous adults who cope with outbreaks as well. This is why paying attention to your skincare routine and using the right products, all natural products, is so critical. You might be asking: what are the best […]

Top Tips to Spice Up a Routine — The Balance Between Variety and Habit

We are constantly given tips on the need for a routine, but how about how to spice up a routine? Why should we form habits or routines in the first place? What about having a routine makes us so much more likely to have a successful day? How can we play with our routines to […]

Effect of Sleep on Skin — What Does it Really Do?

Is there an effect of sleep on skin? It is no surprise that sleep has an effect on the brain… but what about the skin? Does quantity or quality of sleep really change the quality of our skin? Can we actually glow more and be acne-free because of sleep? Scientists think yes. Sleep has an […]

Stress on the Body and Mind — Massage on the Brain

Massage on the brain!? Well… not on the brain. But how do massages affect our brain? We always hear all this jabber about why massages are good for us. We assume it has something to do with the fact that they help us “relax”. But what does this really mean? For all you skeptics (and […]

What to do and not do after a facial

Who doesn’t love a facial? The pampering, the soothing, the utter relaxation of it all. And the best part of course, how your skin feels when all is said and done. Smooth, silky, youthful looking. The best Phoenix spas understand the benefits of a facial and what’s more, they understand what type of products to […]