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What are the best organic skin care products for acne? | Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare

Many suffer from acne—regardless of age. And while yes, acne does tend to be associated with teens, there are numerous adults who cope with outbreaks as well. This is why paying attention to your skincare routine and using the right products, all natural products, is so critical. You might be asking: what are the best […]

Award-Winning Facials Using LeClair Skin Care

Let’s think about what a facial entails and what its purpose is…For some, it is to rejuvenate aging skin. Help lighten and brighten uneven pigmentation and imbue the skin’s surface with a firmer tone. For others, it may be about combating acne and acne scarring. And still some people may get a facial for the […]

Two 5-star Day Spas in Scottsdale Now Carry Organic LeClair Skincare

What is the hallmark of a good day spa? Well, when you’re talking about day spas in Scottsdale, you of course want to look at reputation. Also, look at the extent of the services and skin care treatments they offer. And of course, you want to consider what type of products they use. For instance, […]