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Crow’s Feet – Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

With age comes wisdom, and a few fine lines and wrinkles. Fortunately, your wisdom can lead you to the ultimate experience in age defiance. Crow’s feet are no match for LeClair’s Ultra Repair Eye & Neck Cream. Our moisturizing formula lessens the look of crow’s feet, that can diminish the youthfulness of your eyes. Luxurious and silky, this […]

Wrinkles – Ester C Collagen Moisturizer – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

Time is always moving us forward, and while we like the wisdom that aging reveals to our minds, the wrinkles on our skin we could do without. Anti-Wrinkles Ester C Collagen Moisturizer by LeClair is a high-performance multi-benefit cream that works in every layer of normal to dry skin. It is the ultimate in age-defiance and it offers superior hydration for skin that has […]

Sensitive Skin – Organic Sugarcane Microderm Peel – LeClair Skin Phoenix

Is having sensitive skin a blessing in disguise? At LeClair we like to think that it is, and this is because it represents our immune system informing us that something is wrong. Our bodies are naturally intuitive and one way they guide us to what’s safe for our us is through skin sensitivity. We honor the wisdom of the […]

Wrinkles – Organic Pineapple Papaya Enzyme – LeClair Skin Phoenix

Stress, diet, and exposure to the sun all affect how our skin ages and unfortunately wrinkles are part of the process. An excellent skin care routine with organically sourced products such as our Organic Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Peel helps soften the look of fine lines and crow’s feet, among other signs of aging. The natural enzymes […]

Irritated skin – Green Tea Toner – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

Some people unfortunately, just seem to regularly experience signs of skin irritation. Whether it’s from something they eat, a product they are newly using, or perhaps even they just happen to be perspiring, their skin reacts. Irritated skin can come in a variety of forms—everything from redness, to itchiness to in more severe cases flakiness […]

Dry Skin – Mango Butter Mask – LeClair Skin Phoenix

Dry skin can leave you feeling uncomfortable, less confident and just overall not very excited about going out into the world and interacting with people. What are some of the hallmark signs of dry skin…Generally, skin feels tighter, it can be itchy and even in some instances start to flake. Dry skin issues can be […]

Dry Skin- Instant-Lift Collagen Eye Serum – LeClair Skin Phoenix

We are supposed to feel good and radiate wellness from the inside out, so dry skin and dark circles around the eyes are not supposed to be part of our day. And while nutrition experts tell us to drink more water and get enough rest, sometimes that is just not enough. LeClair’s dry skin Instant-Lift Collagen Eye Serum is a light-weight eye serum […]

Sun Damaged Skin – Mandelic Serum – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

The sun most definitely takes a toll on your skin. Not only does it dry it out, leading to premature aging, but it can cause a variety of more serious problems. Such issues include sunburn, itchiness, blistering, dehydration and of course also skin cancer. Also, keep in mind that the sun’s UV rays deplete the […]

Crow’s Feet – Cucumber Eye Cream – LeClair Skin Phoenix

Our eyes really are the windows to the soul. The last thing you want is for someone to look at you and think, wow their eyes look pretty tired and haggard. And yet between the crow’s feet starting to appear, or perhaps there are dark circle and/or puffiness—this all contributes to eyes that don’t reveal […]

Sensitive Skin – Pomegranate Toner – LeClair Skin Phoenix

What is so great about the power of pomegranate…How about everything? And the amazing thing about our sensitive skin Pomegranate Toner is that is does in fact contain all natural ingredients that have been formulated to have the most effect on your skin while still being ever so gentle. Among the many benefits of Pomegranate […]