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The Best DIY Facial in Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare

Most of us love visiting the spa. The relaxation of it all, the pampering, and of course the amazing menu of treatments that help you feel refreshed and reinvigorated. And after a Scottsdale day spa visit, most of us also wonder why we can’t feel like that everyday. Enter the diy facial Scottsdale style. At […]

Why Do People Get Facial Peels? |Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare

Did you know that every year there are nearly two million facial peels performed in the US alone? They have gained in popularity over the course of the past decade and are changing the way that people fight the signs of aging. Essentially during a facial peel, some form of acid, be it glycolic or […]

Scottsdale Facials – Organic Facials

When you think facial, odds are you’re thinking relaxing, soothing, rejuvenating and an all-natural experience. Of course you don’t want a facial with harsh chemicals, loaded with sulfates and parabens. The best thing for your skin are those ingredients which you wouldn’t mind putting in your body. Organic LeClair Skincare products represent a brand new, […]

The Best Facials in Scottsdale Now Use LeClair Skincare Organic Products

If you are considering going to a Scottsdale area spa for a facial, then you definitely want to understand what types of products the respective spa uses. Why is this detail so important? Simple: not all skin care products are created equal. The best facials in Scottsdale involve all-natural organic products that aren’t in anyway […]