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Face toners – How they help my skin

We frequently get questions about what exactly a toner is? How can face toners help your skin? And what are the result if using face toners regularly? We wanted to take a moment to address such questions—as knowing what you use for your skin is extremely important. First off, a toner is generally an after […]

Scottsdale Facials – Organic Facials

When you think facial, odds are you’re thinking relaxing, soothing, rejuvenating and an all-natural experience. Of course you don’t want a facial with harsh chemicals, loaded with sulfates and parabens. The best thing for your skin are those ingredients which you wouldn’t mind putting in your body. Organic LeClair Skincare products represent a brand new, […]

Organic Facial at Home – What product to use?

You don’t necessarily have to go to a spa for a facial. A facial at home is indeed a possibility. With all of the amazing organic products on the market these days, you have everything at your disposal, from the best and most effective scrubs, to hydrating and oil absorbing masks. Award winning Scottsdale area […]

LeClair Skincare – The organic product of choice for signature facials

Why get a facial? In other words, what sort of results can you expect from such a skin care investment? There are numerous Phoenix and Scottsdale area spas that offer a variety of signature facials. From anti-aging, to acne fighting, truly reputable spas will not only offer such services, but will initially sit down with […]