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Damaged Skin – Grapefruit Moisturizer – LeClair Skin Phoenix

The term damaged skin can have different meanings for different people. It can encompass anything from a simple sunburn to the long-term aging effects of the sun, including wrinkles and fine lines. Damaged skin can also mean irritation, dryness, or scarring associated with the after effects of acne. Whatever the reason for your damaged skin, LeClair’s Grapefruit Moisturizer is packed with the […]

Sun Damaged Skin – Mandelic Serum – LeClair Skin Scottsdale

The sun most definitely takes a toll on your skin. Not only does it dry it out, leading to premature aging, but it can cause a variety of more serious problems. Such issues include sunburn, itchiness, blistering, dehydration and of course also skin cancer. Also, keep in mind that the sun’s UV rays deplete the […]