The Best DIY Facial in Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare

Most of us love visiting the spa. The relaxation of it all, the pampering, and of course the amazing menu of treatments that help you feel refreshed and reinvigorated. And after a Scottsdale day spa visit, most of us also wonder why we can’t feel like that everyday. Enter the diy facial Scottsdale style. At LeClair Skincare we wanted to show our customers and spa guests that they can bring the facial experience home—in a powerful and all natural way. Not to mention, given how our diy facial Scottsdale kits are prepared and packaged, these are definitely the cleanest and most sanitary way to perform a facial at home.

The Best DIY Facial in Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare

Why are these DIY facials big news: because no other spa or skincare company is doing anything quite like this. Step by step the products are all there for you, toners, cleansers and creams, all measured out to exactly how much you should be using.

Why Try a DIY Facial Scottsdale at Home?

Of course most of us wash our faces daily, moisturize, perhaps on occasion use a scrub. But are we doing the right things? Are we optimizing our skincare routine so that we do get results that make a difference? In many cases the answer is no. When you have a spa facial, a highly trained esthetician takes you through every step of a thorough and powerfully penetrating facial. And now you can get this at home; trust us, you will most definitely feel and see the results.

The dry skin diy facial to go contains a number of essential products, below are just a few:

  • Blueberry Moisturizer. Did you know that blueberries are as good for your complexion as they are for your body…In fact, the active ingredients in this help stimulate the skin’s collagen production.
  • Oatmeal Cleanser. Deep cleaning is so important. And even with dry skin you need a cleanser that will penetrate without erasing the skin’s natural moisture, which is precisely what this product does.
  • Hyaluronic Serum. Hyaluronic acid helps bind water molecules to skin cells and thus locks moisture in.
The Best DIY Facial in Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare

Other Facials to Go Available

We also feature an at home diy facial Scottsdale that can target hyperpigmentation issues. Some of the products in that kit include:

The Only Facial to Go You Will Need

At Scottsdale’s LeClair Skincare we believe in giving customers access to what the pros use. These facial kits are available at both New Serenity Spa and Inspire Day Spa. You will never look at your skincare regime the same way again. This is the most sanitary at home facial in Arizona, only at New Serenity Spa and Inspire Day Spa!