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So what sort of eye treatment might be best given your skin type, age and complexion needs? As we are an all natural organic skincare line, we come across this question quite frequently. In terms of the best eye treatment for a given person, this really will depend on a number of factors.  Numerous Scottsdale area spas have started using the LeClair skincare line, particularly when it comes to our eye creams and moisturizers. They’re made from some of the healthiest ingredients on the planet—and are guaranteed to leave skin, especially that around the eyes, looking rejuvenated.

Here, we want to offer a more in-depth look at what you can do as far as caring for the skin around our eyes. We want to give you an insider’s glimpse into some useful eye treatments and daily skincare practices.

Eye Treatments: Scottsdale’s LeClair Skincare Has You Covered

  1. Keep the skin around your eyes moist. This may seem a relatively simple idea—but so many neglect to moisturize around the eyes. Any eye treatment is only going to work better on skin that’s hydrated. Especially when dealing with this area…The skin is thinner and lacks the oil glands other areas possess. Applying a hydrating moisturizer is an absolute must!
  2. Drink more water. Now while this may not seem to fall into the category of eye treatment, water in general is just so good for every part of your body—to include the skin around your eyes. Not enough water can lead to dehydration which can actually make the skin around the eyes appear puffy and/or dark.
  3. Remove makeup. You do not want to keep your makeup on beyond the end of the day, Cosmetic products can clog pores and leave behind an undesirable residue. When you do remove your makeup do so gently. Again, the skin near the eyes is thinner. Try and use a specified eye makeup remover.

Some Other Tips for Eye Treatment and Eye Skin Care

  • Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. UVA rays can cause some real damage, especially on skin that is thinner and more sensitive, Of course be wary of getting the sunscreen in your actual eye, but do apply an SPF 30 or more to the area.
  • Get more sleep. Sleep makes all the difference in the world when it comes to your eyes. Sleep is good for all around health as well. And the Scottdale area clients we’ve encountered would agree; no eye treatment is going to be effective if you aren’t getting an adequate amount of sleep.

LeClair Organic Skincare – Eye Treatments You Can Trust!

We make a number of skincare products that are meant to treat the eyes, hydrate the skin, and moisturize. Why focus on eye treatment creams and moisturizers? Because that skin is a bit more susceptible to things such as wrinkles and sun damage. You might try for instance our organic cucumber eye cream. Cucumbers after all are known to be a salve to puffy eyes. This cream helps reduce the puffiness while infusing that skin with essential vitamins and minerals, in a gentle all-natural way. It truly is an eye treatment that will pamper your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth.