The Best Toner for the Face | Arizona | LeClair Skincare

First off, many have never used a toner for the face as part of their skincare regiment. They probably have a cleanser, perhaps a scrub for exfoliation, and then moisturizer. But they skip over the toner. Little do they know, they’re robbing their complexion of a much-needed part of the process.

Toner for the Face | Arizona | LeClair Skincare

So what exactly is a toner? A toner for the face will actually help to close pores, tighten the skin via working at the cellular level, and also help to add a protective barrier. This way toxins, bacteria and other such debris aren’t as easily able to penetrate the skin’s surface. It really is a product that if you are not currently using, you absolutely should be! Arizona based LeClair Organic Skincare specializes in the types of facial toners that are gentle and yet work effectively. Everything we create is done so with all-natural products that don’t irritate the skin and ultimately leave your face fresher and smoother looking.

Benefits of Using a Toner for the Face

Again, there are numerous benefits to including a face toner in your skincare regime. Below are just a few of them…

  • Helps even out pH balance in the skin. After cleansing your skin especially, and given that it is daily exposed to the elements, the natural pH balance can get thrown off. Toners actually help to restore the balance necessary for optimally healthy skin.
  • Shrinks pores. One of the things that a toner does is to close some of the gaps between skin cells—this in turn assists in shrinking your pores.  
  • It acts as humectant. Basically, this means that the ingredients in the toner for the face serve to bind water molecules to them. Which equates to increased hydration and moisture for your skin.
  • It’s another layer of protection. Again, because of the properties inherent in the toner, it’s able to coat the skin in another layer of protection. This then prevents bacteria and pollutants from penetrating your skin’s surface.

Finding the Right Toner for the Face: Arizona’s LeClair Skincare

Using our all natural, non chemical toners, you will see results. So it may just be time to change up your skincare ritual a bit. You might consider trying these…

Toner for the Face | Arizona | LeClair Skincare
  • Organic Green Tea Toner: Green tea contains some powerful antioxidants, so not only is this good for your complexion, but on a cellular level it’s incredibly effective. It’s especially good for inflamed or irritated skin as it balances out the pH and soothes in the process.
  • Organic Pomegranate Toner: the qualities inherent in Pomegranate can actually help to heal damaged skin—be it sun damage or any other type.  This toner also brightens in tandem with helping to shrink pores and thus fight the signs of aging.

Which ever face toner you choose, you want to make sure and be diligent with how you use it. In other words, include it everyday just as you would a cleanser or moisturizer. The effects may just surprise you!