Three Moisturizers for Your Summer Skin

Summer is truly a wonderful time—sunshine, swimming, vacations…but what about your skin? Summer skin can often be dry as it is exposed to the sun’s rays, not to mention all of the other harsh elements; this can lead to damage. This is why you absolutely want to pamper that summer skin. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Your daily skincare routine is perhaps most important during those hotter summer months.

Organic LeClair Skincare Phoenix

Go to any five-star Phoenix spa—such as Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa—and their skilled estheticians will tell you that using the right moisturizer in the summer can make all the difference in the world. Organic moisturizers for summer skin especially are essential. In fact, more award winning spas in Phoenix are switching to LeClair Organic products—all natural extracts and vitamins—how can you possibly go wrong…

Why Moisturizing Summer Skin is Beneficial

So what benefits do you reap when moisturizing skin that could become damaged by harmful UV rays not to mention the other bacteria and debris that tends to be more prevalent in the summer?

  • Lighter, all natural moisturizers help to combat the effects of the sun’s rays. Too oily and heavy a moisturizer only serves to clog pores and promote bacteria growth.
  • Because it is hotter you perspire more, thus losing valuable moisture. Certain botanical creams and serums can bind moisture to them which in turn hydrates the skin.
  • On top of moisturizing summer skin, you also want to first cleanse and exfoliate. Getting rid of dirt and debris will prepare the surface so that it can maximize the absorption of moisture.

LeClair Moisturizers: Transforming Summer Skin

We create products that address specific needs, such as that of the skin during the summer months. The following three moisturizers contain active ingredients that hydrate, plump and keep skin feeling fresh!

Ester-C Collagen Moisturizer: Not only does the intense amount of Vitamin C as well as other minerals help skin absorb moisture more quickly, but this product also has SPF 20—another protective barrier against UV rays. And with its collagen boosting properties, it keeps skin looking young.

Blackberry Moisturizer – With this lighter weight formula you avoid the heaviness and greasiness than can further clog the pores of summer skin. Not to mention, as blackberries are a powerful antioxidant you do get the healing properties inherent to this extract.

Organic LeClair Skincare Phoenix

Apple Stem Cell Night Cream – The goodness of Vitamin C and other minerals infuses your skin while you sleep. You wake up hydrated and with soft feeling skin. Plus, there’s an evening-out property innate to this formula that helps with hyperpigmentation.

Organic LeClair Skincare

Treat your summer skin to the absolute best—just what premiere Phoenix day spas use. Hydrating, moisturizing, rejuvenating…

For additional information on LeClair Skincare or to reserve your next facial using our organic line of products, click here to schedule an appointment with a local Spa.