Top Benefits of a Face Mask — What does it really do anyways?

We all love to peel charcoal black goo off our faces, but what actually are the benefits of a face mask? What do they really do for our skin? Are masks an important, integral part of skincare or just a luxury when we have a once-in-a-blue-moon calm Sunday evening? Should both men and women be using face masks? How often? Let’s explore this below.

Think of a face mask like a master of purification, hydration, and balance. Some days you might be feeling like your skin is extra dry. Other days your skin feels oily. Perhaps you’ve been traveling for a week and your face just feels filthy. A mask can be the solution to all of these problems.

Benefits of a Face Mask

Masks can be used daily or weekly. The frequency of use just depends on the type of mask. Both men and women could and should use face masks. Furthermore, they should make them an integral part of their skin care routine. Let’s explore why. 

Masks are a master of:

Top Benefits of a Face Mask Scottsdale
  1. Unclogging pores. 
  2. Deep cleansing. 
  3. Making you relax.
  4. Exfoliation. 
  5. Hydration. 

Furthermore, there are many different types of masks. They all have different bases and different active ingredients. Additionally, they all serve a unique purpose and it’s important when using a mask to understand which you are choosing and why. 

What are some key things to keep in mind when choosing a mask?

  • Mud-based = hydration. If your main goal when lathering on your mask for the week is to add tons of water to your dry skin, go for a mud-based mask. Or just use mud from the earth. Either or. 
  • Clay-based = anti-acne. Clay-based masks do wonders for absorbing oil in the skin. If you tend to have acne-prone skin or are just sick of having so much oil on your face, go for a clay-based mask. For example, at LeClair Skincare we created the Organic Red Lava Mineral Mask. It is clay-based, antiseptic, exfoliating, and rich in vitamins.
  • Cream-based = plumpness. If your main focus in on plump-looking skin post-mask, you’ll want to go for a cream-based mask. Cream-based masks leave you with a luxurious feeling of bouncy skin. A perfect example is our Organic Gotu Kola Hydration Mask. It has organic shea butter, coconut oil, chamomile flower extract, many B vitamins, and more. Additionally, it has the incredible gotu kala ingredient. This ingredient is powerful at penetrating deep layers of your skin to nurture and rejuvenate it from the bottom up. 
Top Benefits of a Face Mask Phoenix
Top Benefits of a Face Mask Phoenix

In Conclusion

Overall, masks can do wonderous things for our skin. If we tend to have very dry skin, maybe a nightly hydration mask would be perfect. For the acne-prone skin, a clay-based mask could do wonders once a week. 

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