Skincare and Travel: Sticking to Your Daily Routine

A daily skincare routine is just that, routine, that which you do everyday. You have your products, you have set times of day when you cleanse, moisturize and tone. So what happens then when you suddenly find yourself in the midst of traveling? The last thing you want to do is to abandon your skin regimen. The key is to understand what travel products you need to have with you in order to seamlessly continue taking care of your complexion the way it needs to be taken care of.

Also, keep in mind that when you travel, your skin is being exposed to a different environment, different circumstances; this will affect the oiliness, dryness and overall condition of your skin as well. And that is why the LeClair line of products was made with all types of scenarios in mind. Whether you’re at home and attending to your daily routine, or on the road and need travel products that work—we’ve created a skincare solution for you!

What You Eat Affects Your Skin!

While traveling, most of us will usually eat differently than we would otherwise do at home. Maybe it’s quicker, fast food style meals, or just eating out in general. This in turn definitely has an impact on skin. Especially, if you find yourself eating out quite a bit—the oils inherent in this type of food can take their toll on the skin. This is when a product such as a before-bed mask can really help your complexion. The LeClair Pure Red Lava Mineral Mask actually absorbs oils, not to mention, it works to combat the topical bacteria that can accumulate on your skin throughout the day.

Not Getting Enough Sleep—This Too Affects Your Skin

It’s not just veering from your regular eating habits either. So many people, when traveling, find they lack that good night’s rest. Lack of sleep can certainly be detrimental to your complexion. Think about it, you wake up after only 2-3 solid hours rest and the first thing you notice is the puffiness and bags under your eyes. A must-have travel product: Pure Cucumber Eye Cream. You don’t have to stick slices of cucumber on your eyes—this cream was designed to soothe and calm those bags and get rid of that puffiness. Remember, cucumber cools and the antioxidants in this product leave skin smooth and soft.