Treating Acne Scars

Scars are evidence that our bodies are miraculous, healing machines! Unfortunately, scars are not always the most desirable feature. With the face, scars can be present for a plethora of reasons. Acne is certainly the most common (and irritating) cause. Understanding why we get acne scars, and how you can treat them will give you the control you need over your skin.

Why We Get Acne Scars

When a breakout occurs, it inflames the skin beneath the surface causing the pore to swell up and the tissue to be damaged. Your body then goes into repair mode where it forms new tissue, causing a not-so-perfect recreation of your previous tissue, a scar.

Scarring is typically worsened by “picking” at your breakout, as it irritates the follicle even further, causing it to become even more inflamed! Not to mention all the bacteria that you transfer from your fingers to your face! The use of cheap, low quality products is equally as problematic to the skin. The best way to avoid scars, is it treat the skin before it gets to that point. Learn what products will treat pimples to avoid scarring.

However, we can do everything right and still end up with acne scars. So, how do we treat them? With the right products and the help of an experienced esthetician!

Exfoliate Regularly.
Exfoliating regularly will remove the dead skin cells that are stuck together. Skin that is not exfoliated regularly traps dirt, oil, and bacteria within the pores. This can lead to more breakouts and acne. The AHA Treatment Scrub by LeClair Skin Care is fantastic at manually sloughing off dead skin while using AHA’s to remove excess oil. The other benefits of exfoliating include:

  • increase the rate of cell turnover
  • boost blood circulation for quicker healing
  • stimulate collagen production for younger looking skin
  • allow other products to penetrate deeper

Microneedling is perhaps one of the most effective treatments on the market for scarring, more-so than even the most aggressive laser treatments. The microneedling pen is medicalgrade and the needle-tips are for individual use ensuring the upmost sanitization. The needles penetrate the skin in an organized manner. These tiny needles intentionally cause “micro injuries” evenly throughout the treated areas. Our bodies then go into the same healing mode as they do when forming scars, but over the entire face. This causes the scars to smooth out after 3-6 treatments.

Chemical Peels.
Professional chemical peels provide a deeper and more thorough exfoliation than what we are capable of doing at home. Typically, chemical peels will greatly expedite the natural cellular turnover process within our skin. After some moderate-heavy skin peeling (depending on what peel is used), the skin often times has a clearer complexion and scars appear less prominent.

Bellafill is a dermal filler that adds volume to the skin. It essentially plumps areas in need such as wrinkles and scars. It also encourages you own skin to produce more collagen. Unlike regular fillers that last about one year, Bellafill last upwards of 5 years. The results are instant and natural!

It is absolutely vital to your skins health that you wear a good physical UV block. However, very few people understand the importance of sunblock when treating scars. Having sun exposure to those vulnerable areas of the face can cause them to darken and become more prominent over time.

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