Two Toners for Your Winter Skin

Winter skin can be uncomfortable. There’s the dryness, the tightness, sometimes even itchiness and flakiness. But how can you combat these symptoms of winter skin? Moisturizers are certainly necessary, as are creams. There are masks that target these conditions. But one product that people don’t use enough during those colder months is toner. Toners can work wonders on dry, damaged winter skin. In fact, many of Scottsdale’s leading skincare spas utilize toners in their facial treatments to add hydration and to help further protect their client’s complexion.

Organic LeClair Skincare Scottsdale

Five-star spas Inspire Day Spa and New Serenity Spa—both Scottsdale based—actually use the LeClair Organic line of toners as part of their treatment protocol. Toners after all can provide an infusion of vitamins and nutrients that help fortify skin against the cold winter winds.

Benefits of Using a Toner in the Winter

While toners are great for us all year long, they’re particularly beneficial come winter time. Just a few of the incredible benefits toners bring to winter skin:

  • They help balance your skin’s pH levels.
  • They provide an instant influx of hydration to cells that may actually be suffering from winter dehydration.
  • Natural botanicals in some organic toners serve to add another level of moisturization.
  • A toner can actually help create a surface barrier on the skin protecting it from harsh winter climates.
  • Certain toners can soothe inflamed and/or irritated skin.
  • After a thorough cleansing and exfoliation, a toner is able to penetrate deep into the skin and infuse it with its rich nutrients.

LeClair Toners for Winter Skin

The Organic LeClair Skincare line carries a range of toners—for all seasons. But for winter in particular, these are two of our best:

Hydrating and Toning Mist: This contains ingredients such as Lavender, Pomegranate, Rose and Grapeseed Oil. The botanical goodness serves to hydrate and smooth damaged winter skin. Because it also contains aloe vera, there is a richness that soothes and softens.

Green Tea Toner: The power of green tea has been much heralded. Combine it into a toner and you have a product whose antioxidants helps replenish dry and damaged skin. The toner essentially heals from within. Plus, as it is rich in Vitamin C, it is rapidly absorbed into the skin making it all the more effective in the winter.

Organic LeClair Skincare Scottsdale

Organic LeClair Skincare

We care about our customers’ complexions, so much so that we source only the best all-natural ingredients. You need only try it for yourself.

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