What causes Hyperpigmentation and how do you treat it

Hyperpigmentation is a more common problem than people may think. What exactly is hyperpigmentation? Essentially what we’re talking about is uneven color on the skin. So that could include dark spots, also known as age spots; some may notice sun spots. Because they are frequently caused by exposure to the sun, these spots tend to be in areas like the face, hands and arms, neck and decollette. There is also a condition called Melasma in which darker spots appear usually on the face. This is usually associated with changes in hormone levels, such as during pregnancy.

So how do you deal with the signs of hyperpigmentation? First off, staying protected from the sun’s rays is one of the best things you can do to try and prevent such spots from developing. A strong SPF based product is integral. There are also skincare products which have been developed that can even out skin tone. The LeClair Organic line is used by many award winning Scottdale area spas, to include New Serenity Spa, for just this reason: gentle, all natural products that address pigmentation issues.  

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The LeClair Product Line’s Best Defense Against Hyperpigmentation

What are some key products that you can use to help with sun spots, age spots or even melasma? Consider the following organic skincare products that are gentle on your skin, while infusing it with nutrients and vitamins.

Apple Stem Cell Night Cream – Swiss apples actually contain a ton of vitamins and minerals. Such that help to enrich the skin, hydrate and actually repair at the DNA level. The power of apples brightens the skin, thus evening out the overall tone.

Mandelic 15% Serum– Mandelic Acid dissolves bonds that hold cells together; what this means quite simply is that dead cells are removed and new, rejuvenated cells introduced. This effectively helps reduce the signs of aging as well as having an overall brightening effect.

Ester-C Brightening Serum – Vitamin C is so good for so many things. And when infused into a serum, the dynamic power of this particular vitamin has a lightening effect. Not to mention, it contains hyaluronic acid which in turn helps to make skin look and feel younger.

organic leclair skincare scottsdale

Ester-C Collagen Moisturizer – Collagen is that which gives skin its elasticity and its youthfulness. In this moisturizer, the combination of vitamins and nutrients works to add radiance and evenness—plus, it has SPF 20 to help prevent any further hyperpigmentation.

Organic LeClair Skincare

All of our products are gentle, non chemical and all natural. We believe in the goodness of organic extracts and vitamins especially when it comes to addressing various skin issues.

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