What Exactly is a Skin Peel? | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare

So some of the questions we get asked quite a bit about skin peels have to do with 1) what they are and 2) how they’re beneficial to your skin. First off, let’s look at what a skin peel entails. A skin peel, or chemical peel, is a process wherein a topical acid is applied to your face. The acid, be it glycolic, carbolic or lactic for instance, ultimately causes the surface of the skin to peel off. What you are thus left with is the newer, smoother skin underneath.

What Exactly is a Skin Peel? | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare

At LeClair Organic Skincare based in Phoenix, we create all natural products designed to bring about similar results: smooth, younger looking skin that feels fresh and healthy. Of course, there are many ways and various treatments that can help bring about such results, and yes, a skin peel is one such treatment.

Understanding the Benefits of a Skin Peel

You might think about a skin peel as a type of resurfacing of your complexion. Out with the dull, old skin and in with the refreshed looking complexion. To this end, there are numerous benefits to be gotten after having a chemical peel performed.

  • Diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Again, the acid effectively removes the top layers. Beneath is obviously going to be skin which, previously unexposed to the elements, is firmer and more supple.
  • Treats discoloration. For some, pigment discoloration, whether in spots or larger areas, can be an issue. You tend to feel less confident. With a skin peel though, the new skin beneath is generally of a more even and brighter tone.
  • Helps treat acne scarring. Those who’ve had to contend with acne may be left with noticeable scarring. By removing the top layer and potentially some of the middle layer of skin, you can effectively decrease the look of those acne scars.

What To Use After Your Phoenix Chemical Peel

Once you’ve had a skin peel treatment, it’s important to protect that newly revealed layer of skin. It can be a bit sensitive as the new skin begins the healing and strengthening process. LeClair Organic Skincare offers all natural products that help soothe and speed up the process.

What Exactly is a Skin Peel? | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare