What You Should Know About Diets and Skin Care | Phoenix | LeClair Skincare

So does your diet affect skincare? This is a question our Phoenix based clients ask us all the time. The short answer is…yes. Diets and skin care really do impact one another. That said, it may not be as cut and dry as you think when it comes to the interaction between them. For example, while gluten may be blamed for certain forms of skin irritation and eruptions, this isn’t always necessarily the case. In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, “gluten is not inherently inflammatory.”

So what information can you trust regarding diets and skin care…What should you be on the lookout for? What foods should you avoid? Eat more of? Because Phoenix’s LeClair Skincare does focus on utilizing, among other ingredients, certain foods in our products, we wanted to offer an insider’s view of what foods are good and what might be bad when it comes to the relationship between diets and skincare.

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Understanding What Foods to Avoid

The foods you should avoid will be dependent on your skin type. Those with oily skin may want to shy away from overly greasy foods. While those with sensitive skin will have other dietary precautions. Some foods though that you may want to avoid for example, if you’re prone to acne outbreaks:

  • Foods high in simple sugars, for example: white bread, pasta, white rice
  • Processed foods
  • Excessive amounts of dairy
  • Saturated fats

For people who have sensitive skin, prone to irritation and inflammation, some of the foods that you should try to avoid include:

  • Red meat
  • Greasy foods
  • Alcohol
  • Soy products

And if you suffer from skin that is frequently dry, consider shying away from:

  • Salty foods
  • Alcohol
  • Sugars
  • Coffee

Diets and Skin Care: What Foods Are Good for You

Pretty much, common sense will tell you what foods promote better skin health. Fruits, vegetables, drinking ample amounts of water, those superfoods such as coconut, avocado, salmon, anything with Omega 3s. But there are also some unexpected foods that crop up in the “good for you” category.

  • Nuts: Nuts contain essential fatty acids that can actually inhibit inflammation.
  • Yams: Yams have a ton of beta carotene; beta carotene in turn acts as a natural sunscreen, thus helping to keep skin from drying out.
  • Dark Chocolate: High in antioxidants, dark chocolate can actually promote better blood flow within the skin.

LeClair Skincare and Your Diet

When it comes to understanding the effect that diet has on skincare, it’s so critical to look at the entire picture. It’s not just about what you eat, but your daily habits, to include: sleep, exercise, overall lifestyle, and of course your skincare regime. This is why LeClair Skincare is so focused on creating healthy all-natural products that utilize some of the best ingredients to be found in nature. Our toners, moisturizers, cleansers and masks infuse your skin with only the most dynamic components we could find. Try it today and you will absolutely see a difference.