Why Do People Get Facial Peels? |Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare

Did you know that every year there are nearly two million facial peels performed in the US alone? They have gained in popularity over the course of the past decade and are changing the way that people fight the signs of aging. Essentially during a facial peel, some form of acid, be it glycolic or malic for instance, is applied to the skin. This then works to break down the top layer of skin which in turn reveals new, fresh skin beneath. Facial peels have been around for literally ages, and more and more people everyday are realizing the tremendous benefits of this treatment.

Some of the Key Reasons People Get Facial Peels

The benefits are certainly numerous. Below are some of the top reasons why spa customers opt for facial peels.

Why Do People Get Facial Peels? |Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare
  • To diminish the look of wrinkles. By getting rid of that top layer of skin, rejuvenated skin comes to the surface. This layer is usually tighter and firmer, thereby helping to lessen the look of fine lines.
  • To brighten overall skin tone. Of course that outer layer, exposed daily to the elements, is going to be dull and lackluster. Once removed, the skin underneath appears far more lustrous and brighter. 
  • To lessen the look of dark spots. Believe it or not facial peels can help reduce the appearance of age spots. With the newly revealed skin such spots are greatly faded out.
  • To shrink pore size. Large pores can mean a likelihood of blackheads and zits. A chemical peel actually works to tighten these pores and thus reduces their overall size.

Products to Use After a Facial Peel

After your facial peel, you will experience some redness which should subside fairly quickly. You may also notice a few day’s worth of dryness and flaking. This is why keeping that skin moisturized is critical. At Scottsdale based LeClair Organic Skincare, we create the types of products that are completely gentle on your newly peeled skin, but also effective as far as hydrating and moisturizing.

  • Organic Avocado Moisturizer: Avocado contains a ton of vitamins. Not to mention it is after all a superfood—so imagine how good this is on your skin. Perfect for dry skin, this moisturizer will make a noticeable difference as far as how your skin feels after application.
  • Organic Blackberry Moisturizer: Blackberries, yet another superfood, and also great for your skin! With Omega 3 as well as Omega 6 acids this product actually helps infuse skin with moisture while allowing it to heal faster.
  • Organic Apple Stem Cell Night Cream: While you sleep your skin actually heals. And one way to hasten this process is with this apple based cream. Swiss apples contain antioxidants which strengthen the newly generated skin cells.
Why Do People Get Facial Peels? |Scottsdale | LeClair Skincare

Facial Peels: Treat Your Skin Right!

At LeClair Skincare, we only create products that use all natural, responsibly sourced ingredients—products that make use of the best ingredients in nature. Things like avocado, pineapple, acai, blueberry, as we said, the absolute best there is!