Why use an Overnight Mask

What exactly are the benefits of using an overnight mask? Certainly, throughout the day, you use a number of products on your skin—to freshen, firm and soothe. So why that extra step of an overnight mask? Research has shown that while you sleep, your pores are actually more susceptible to the nutrients and minerals that come from using an organic mask. Not to mention, talk to some of Phoenix’s award winning day spa estheticians such as those at New Serenity Spa, and without question they will recommend the use of such masks.

Your skin deserves the best; it deserves to be pampered and treated to the kinds of all natural products that really do hydrate and moisturize. This is where LeClair Organic Skincare products make all the difference. Keep reading to find out more.

organic leclair skincare phoenix

The Benefits of the Overnight Mask

The benefits actually are almost too many to name; however, here are a few of which you should be aware as you consider whether or not to use a sleep mask.

  • It locks in moisture as well as beneficial vitamins and minerals. In essence, the overnight mask acts as a sort of shield. Not only is it locking in vital moisture while you sleep, but it also helps your skin better absorb the nutrients from the other organic skincare products used. It creates a seal in a manner of speaking.
  • During colder months it helps keep skin from drying out. In the winter especially, our skin tends to get flaky, sometimes patchy. With an overnight mask you infuse hydration while you sleep and thus wake up with smoother and softer skin.
  • Overnight and sleep masks are light weight. Versus a heavier night cream, they are designed for sleeping. Pores don’t get clogged, plus no mess on your pillow.

The LeClair Overnight Mask Difference

Wonder why so many five-star Phoenix spas uses LeClair organic products…Because they work! Take the Gotu Kola Hydration Mask. The intent here is for you to have suppler, softer skin come morning. Featuring ingredients like organic shea butter and coconut oil, the mask both moisturizes and soothes potentially irritated skin.

organic leclair skincare phoenix

Additionally, because it does contain chamomile flower extract as well as soy lecithin, it has the ability to treat and heal dry skin at the cellular level—all while you sleep!

Organic LeClair Skincare

Our promise is always to use the best ingredients, ethically sourced, and provide our customers with a fully organic award winning experience. Your skin deserves it.

For additional information on LeClair Skincare or to reserve your next facial using our organic line of products, click here to schedule an appointment with a local Spa.