Caring for Your Skin During the Colder Months

Depending on where you live in the US, the Fall and Winter can certainly be much colder than other times of the year. There are areas fortunately, that do not have to worry about sudden drops of temperature, drastically decreased humidity and freezing winds. For some though, winter skincare can be a bit tricky, especially if you are already prone to dry or sensitive skin; this is true particularly of the northern area of the country. While in the south and west, the air temperatures do not experience such sudden changes. However, they still have their own winter skincare issues with which to contend. Keep reading to find out more about caring for your skin in the winter—regardless of where you live.

Northern Winter Skincare

With that furnace blasting away all winter, the air inside your home is going to be dry—much drier than in the spring and summer. This is why keeping your skin hydrated is crucial. With the LeClair Product Line, we offer a variety of “winter skincare” products that can certainly help you keep your complexion looking soft and supple. The Pure Blackberry Moisturizer for example, is designed to not only hydrate, but lightly coat the skin to lock in that essential moisture. Again, the key if you live in colder, northern climates is to keep that skin nourished!

Southern Winter Skincare

The south experiences a very unique winter situation you might say, as they cope with both dryness but also excessive humidity at times. It is therefore important to pay extra attention to your winter skincare regime if you live in this part of the country. One thing you might try is our Corrective RX Mandelic Serum. What this does is to both gently exfoliate, thereby removing dead skin cells, and also evens out pigmentation issues. The result: a glowing winter complexion.

Western Winter Skincare

While the west doesn’t have the intense cold of the north, there is a pervasive dampness in some areas. And this in turn equates to humidity. How does humidity affect skin…Well, if you already have oily skin, this could create more of a problem for you. That is why you might think about using a mineral based mask such as the Pure Red Lava Mineral Mask to help keep the oils in check.