Your Keto Diet and Skin Concerns | Arizona | LeClair Skincare

The Keto diet certainly has become a mainstay in our culinary culture. High fat, low carb and the results…pretty great for many who’ve embarked upon Keto. Are there any issues however as far as the Keto diet and skin concerns? We know that the Keto diet can help stave off the type of inflammation that causes diabetes for instance. We know that if done right Keto can help lower cholesterol and promote heart health. And certainly we know that a Keto diet can aid in weight loss. But what effect does it have on your skin—if any?

Keto Diet and Skin Concerns | Arizona | LeClair Skincare

LeClair Skincare is invested in the health and well being of our clients. This is why we use only all natural ingredients sourced directly from Mother Nature. That said, we do stay up to date on the latest trends—to include the latest diets as far as what types of recommendations to make when it comes to skincare. In terms of the keto diet and skin concerns, here are a few things you should know.

The Keto Diet and Skin Concerns: A Little Q & A

Q: Can the Keto diet cause acne outbreaks?

A: Actually quite the opposite is true. By cutting drastically down on carbs, you’re in essence ridding your body of inflammation causing simple sugars. Inflammation is a huge acne trigger. So, no, the keto diet generally doesn’t cause acne outbreaks and can even promote smoother skin.

Q: If I eat a higher fat diet, will this make my skin oily and more prone to certain skin conditions?

A: While the keto diet involves eating a diet high in fat content, this does not detrimentally affect your skin. Particularly if you’re focused on good fats such as those with omega 3s, this can actually help to soothe irritated or sensitive skin.

Q: Is there such a thing a Keto rash?

A: When it comes to the keto diet and skin concerns, yes, there is something known as the keto rash. Those in the very early stages of ketosis may experience a rash that eventually subsides—this is however fairly rare among people following a keto diet.

LeClair Skincare and Keto

As mentioned, all of our products are organic and thus gentle on your skin—even for those with irritated or sensitive skin. And if you are on the keto diet and are consequently concerned about any such issues, we know that our line of products can help bring you greater peace of mind.

Keto Diet and Skin Concerns | Arizona | LeClair Skincare

For example, many of our Arizona customers love the Avocado Moisturizer. Not only does it help hydrate and smooth, but because of the properties of avocado—a true superfood—you get the addition of sterolins which help protect against the sun.

Or you might try, Pineapple Blueberry Night Cream—also incredibly popular with our Arizona based clientele. Blueberries are chock full of amino acids, and this means that your skin will look and feel plumper and retexturized.